5 Reasons to Visit Arizona

Looking for a place to travel this year, now that travel is becoming safe again? Arizona makes a great case for being your destination, as it’s full of luxury and natural exploration. Nature lovers will enjoy the scope of the Grand Canyon, while those looking for a more modern vacation will find relaxation in the cities. There’s also weird history and the latest in money-making trends. Arizona makes a great case for being your destination, as it’s full of luxury and natural exploration. Here are 5 Reasons to Visit Arizona.

Visit Arizona

Arizona is one of the many US states that have legal sports betting. The Supreme Court legalized online gambling in 2018, and Arizona was one of the first to adopt app-based sports betting. Now, Arizona sports betting is a bustling industry. It goes along with the natural wonders, historical sites, impressive landmarks, and popular golfing spots to make Arizona a great travel destination. 

Reasons to Visit Arizona

Tour The Hoover Dam From The Inside

A dam might not sound like the most exciting tourist destination, but it is one of the most amazing achievements of modern construction. Tours are offered daily and the cost is very low, making it a great day trip that might just inspire a curious young mind. Even adults will enjoy learning how the dam can change the landscape of Arizona itself. For a more spectacular view, you can drive over the nearby bridge and see the dam in action from afar. 

Jerome, The Sliding Town

Someone back during the Old West times decided to build a mining town on a steep hill. Now the place still stands as it did back then, but several feet lower than it used to. Jerome is the town’s name, and now it’s a ghost town instead of an active mining village. The buildings that remain have come apart and slid down the hill they were built on, leaving ruins of a half-intact olden town. A more modern Jerome lies a short distance away on more stable ground, giving you the makings of a great day trip. 

Sports Betting In Arizona

Arizona’s casinos offer sports betting in addition to the classic casino games. If you’re on the go, however, you can also use apps from DraftKings, Caesars, MGM, and more to bet from your phone. The apps allow you to bet on most major league US sports in Arizona, as well as NASCAR, European soccer matches, and NCAA college games. Bets can be made ahead of time or during games that you can watch via live streaming. Arizona Betting apps also offer promo codes for new users so that you can get a head start with extra money or free plays. There are also casino and sports betting rewards programs that give you points for repeat plays. These points can be redeemed for prizes like event tickets, free plays, and physical swag like sports jerseys.

Take In The Majestic Sight Of The Grand Canyon

No trip to Arizona is complete without a journey to the Grand Canyon. You can park near the top and just look out at nature’s splendor below. Or you can hike along the ridges and down to the bottom using one of many trails with varying difficulty. Those looking for a bird’s eye view can get a helicopter tour. 

Phoenix, The City Of Golf

If big-city luxury and shopping is your game, then go to Phoenix. You’ll find the more upscale hotels, restaurants, and museums in Phoenix. The fair weather of Arizona also makes Phoenix a year-round destination for golfers. There are amazing links and great clubs in Phoenix, making it a wonderful place to relax after some time on the green. Phoenix also offers facilities for horseback riding, sailing, and hiking.

Visit Arizona

Last Updated on October 8, 2023

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