5 Reasons Why You Should Take a River Cruise in Russia

If you want to experience exploring Russia, then taking a river cruise is one of the best ways to do this. Russia has an impressive system of waterways all of which link to five different seas, and river cruises are available most of the year, except for in the wintertime when the water is likely to freeze over – instead, you can go ice skating if you’re planning to visit Russia during this time. If you’re interested in taking a Russian river cruise but need some more convincing to book your ticket, check out these top five reasons why it’s an awesome idea.Five of the amazing things that you will find on a River Cruise in Russia that will convince you.Take a look at River Cruise in Russia.

River Cruise in Russia

Why You Should Take a River Cruise in Russia

#1. Range of Options:

You will certainly have a lot of choices available when it comes to taking a Russian river cruise. Russia has a wide range of large and small rivers and cruises are available ranging from just a few days’ trip to weeks on the boat, depending on what you need. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to explore almost the entire length of the country by river cruise, with many travel options available all the way from Moscow to St Petersburg with plenty of fantastic stops in between. Check out the best river cruises in Russia 2020 to find out what options there are and find one which is a good fit for your vacation requirements.

#2. Comfortable Boats:

There are as many boats are there are river cruise options available, and there’s something to suit everybody whether you are hoping for simple, budget trip where the journey and destination take the main focus, or whether you want to enjoy a luxurious cruise with all the amenities that you could imagine. You can join a cruise on a Russian riverboat that has simple yet practical cabins with everything you need for a comfortable trip, or opt for a cruise on a boat that’s chartered to a large company and provides home-from-home cabins, luxurious on-board restaurants and much more.

#3. Great Service:

Whatever Russian river cruise you choose to go on, one of the main factors that will surely blow you away is the incredible level of service you will be offered by the staff and the crew. As a passenger, the staff will be happy to go above and beyond to make sure that you are having a safe and comfortable trip. Along with friendly, professional service and good food provided every day, on many ships you can enjoy a range of little extras that make the experience so special, like free bottles of water in the morning and restaurant staff who take the time to remember your favorite drink to have with dinner.

#4. Smaller Ships:

Unlike ocean cruising where bigger often seems to be better and passengers have so much to do that it can seem impossible to sit back and just enjoy the journey, river cruises have a selection of much smaller and intimate ships. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to hire an entire riverboat for a private party if you are hoping to spend your vacation with family, friends or even just as a couple if you want the romantic experience of having the boat to yourselves. And, smaller doesn’t mean quality is compromised on, either – check out these premium Russia river cruises to Volga River.

#5. Everything’s Included:

Finally, unlike many ocean cruises where you’ll need to pay extra for pretty much everything, river cruises come with everything that you’ll need included. Once you’ve bought your ticket you don’t need to worry about paying for dinner, or drinks – it all comes included in the price.

Where will your Russian river cruise take you?

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

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