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5 Reasons Snowsports Holidays Are Fab For Families

The attraction of splashing around in the sea and drying off on a sun lounger while you sip a cocktail and top up your tan is obvious to holidaymakers who love to escape their own (often cold) countries for their annual break abroad.

But if you’re in the initial stages of planning a break for this autumn/winter, or even next year, perhaps you should think about taking a snowsports holiday for the first time?

Combine stunning scenery, learning a new skill and socializing with newfound friends and you’ve got a vacation vibe that takes some beating.

Snowsports Holidays

Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons snowsports holidays are fab for families

  1. Skiing gets you fit

Skiing is a really good workout, so if family fitness is a priority, a snowsports holiday has you covered.

According to Time magazine, Alpine skiing combines resistance and endurance training and has positive benefits for your heart and circulation as well as developing leg muscles of solid steel.

And that’s not all – apparently it also improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, lowers high blood pressure and recharges blood vessels. Pretty impressive indeed!

  1. Snowsports are fun

How often in every day life do you get to hurtle down a snowy slope with just your guts and guile keeping you upright?

And when did you last feel that ecstasy triggered by pulling off a terrific snowboard trick on the half-pipe?

The main appeal of snowsports are that they’re fantastic fun, pure and simple. And on a snowsports holiday, your entire family are focused on having the times of their lives.

  1. Mountains are good for mental health

Mental health charity Mind believes that nature can benefit mental health – and we wholeheartedly agree.

Being out on the magnificent mountains of regions like the French Alps improves your mood, reduces stress and anxiety and can even boost self-esteem.

Plus, sometimes just sitting in the shadow of a pristine peak puts your own problems in perspective – it encourages you to be more philosophical and creative in solving problems that have previously proven perplexing.

  1. Snowsports are social

Snowsport culture is social, which is great news for adults and children alike.

Provided you can hire an au pair, the apres-ski activities for adults in most modern resorts include everything from beer-fuelled table dancing to lively karaoke and live music.

And kids clubs are also often available, where children can participate in on-piste activities with their peers under supervision of instructors and even meet up for social events in the early evenings.

  1. Snowsports are brilliant for family bonding

One of the coolest aspects of a snowsports holiday is cosying up in a chalet at the end of an electrifying day on the slopes and spending quality family time over board games and hot chocolate by the fireside.

And ski package firms like NUCO Travel can create the perfect customized holiday that facilitates bonding through awesome accommodation and family-friendly activities, so what’s not to love?

We hope we’ve convinced you that snowsports holidays are fab for families. Let us know in the comments section if you agree!

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