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5 Reasons Why the Perfect City Break Includes Luxury Accommodation

City breaks are a great way to recharge your batteries, keep your lifestyle entertaining and fulfilling and get a glimpse of what this world has to offer best. When planning a vacation, you need to tackle quite a few responsibilities, from buying plane tickets to creating a travel itinerary, but what comes as the most relevant planning task is booking accommodation. If you are just like almost any other tourist, you are probably tempted to look into the cheapest offers available, but you should know that this could be one of the biggest mistakes to make. Luxury accommodation might come at a steep price, but there are a few essential factors that make this option the ideal choice for a perfect city break. Here are some powerful reasons why you should always go for luxury resorts and hotels.Five of the reasons why you should go on a luxury vacation at least a few times in your life.This article is a list of the perfect city break

 the perfect city break

Comfort above anything else 

The first and most obvious reason why luxurious resorts should be your go-to option is the comfort received than cannot be topped off by any other accommodation alternative. Each corner of your room will be arranged in a manner that provides the utmost comfort, and being able to fully relax and enjoy a proper stay at a hotel will enable you to actually make the most out of your other travel activities. If you are seeking a spacious room with a comfortable bed, closet space, an upgraded bathroom and perhaps a splendid view, luxury resorts are the right answer for you. Amenities include brunch, spa treatments, on-site gyms, meeting rooms and the overall experience is designed for VIPs.  

A personalized stay  

Staying in luxury is more than just the fancy furnishings you will have at your disposal, or the beautiful decor you’ll wake up to every morning, it’s a personalized approach towards accommodation. Because luxury hotels and resorts are designed to cover extensive guest needs and requirements, you will be able to access a far wider range of services, and benefit from exactly the things you are seeking to keep your trip to an excellent level. Perhaps you enjoy working out in the morning, and having access to a gym is something you desire, or you have certain fixed eating habits that you would want to keep up with during you travel, regardless of your expectation, luxury accommodations options will be able to customize your stay in order to access an experience that is designed entirely to your taste. Once you get a taste of luxury, you won’t settle for standard hotel services ever again.  

the perfect city break

Your vacation can continue indoors  

After a full day of visiting the local attraction, engaging in fun activities and discovering the beautiful surroundings, you don’t have to get out of the holiday mode, but continue to vacation indoors as well. Luxury accommodation usually stand at guests’ disposal with a wide range of impressive leisure and relaxation possibilities, that range from restaurant entertainment, such as live music and up to spas and massage facilities. When you are staying at the right hotel, each and every second of your vacation will continue feeling like holiday. These types of accommodations aren’t designed just to give guests a place to rest at night, but to create a holiday-appropriate environment for them, where they can take their relaxation to new heights and benefit from the ultimate pampering treatment. Regardless if it’s excellent room service, a luxurious Jacuzzi, or some hours of fun through the right entertainment program, when you are staying at the right resort or hotel, you won’t have the chance to get bored even when you are indoors.  


Let’s say you are traveling to a place that is known for having quite a high crime rate. However, that factor hasn’t stopped you from wanting to explore the surroundings and carry your vacation there. Well, to be certain that your belongings are protected while you are not at the hotel room, or to be certain that an undesired occurrence happen during your stay at the accommodation, benefiting from a proper level of security is a must. Luxury resorts are well-known for taking security extremely seriously so their personnel is qualified and the buildings regulated accordingly. Knowing you are protected in the eventually of an emergency striking will give you peace of mind, and make being away from home feel safe and not stressful.  

the perfect city break

No unexpected surprises 

An uncomfortable bed that doesn’t allow you to rest at night and thus puts you in a bad mood the entire day, a shower that doesn’t work properly, unpleasant, noisy hotel “neighbors” that wake you up in the middle of the night, rude staff, and the list of awful experiences that the wrong accommodation might involve can go on and on. A vacation held in an otherwise wonderful location can easily be ruined by the awful experience encountered at the cheap hotel you have chosen to spend the nights of your stay. With luxury accommodation, you can know for a fact that unexpected surprises (we’re talking here about the negative ones) won’t be something you would need to worry about. Accommodations that fall within the luxury category have a certain reputation to uphold, and they couldn’t afford having their guests deal with an unpleasant occurrence that might lead to a bad review, and affecting the name of the said brand. If you don’t want apparently insignificant details to affect how much you enjoy each moment of your stay, luxury is the way to go. Each penny spent will prove to be worth it after discovering how guests are actually treated in these resorts.  

When you are planning a trip, regardless if it’s a romantic getaway, a family vacation or you are planning to wander around some mesmerizing destinations across the globe on your own, booking accommodation is one of the first planning responsibilities you need to take care of. While the activities you will engage in and the attractions you will explore might matter most in your overall experience, the accommodation where you will be staying at will in fact influence how much you end up enjoying your city break. For a vacation that can be characterized as perfect, luxury options are always the best way to go, and the reasons stated above clearly explain why.  

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