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5 Reasons People Love KBO Bikes

Riding is fun with electric bikes, and having one that can go long distances within a short period is every rider’s dream. Ebikes have gradually taken over traditional bicycles as they offer their riders many benefits. Electric bikes are very efficient whether you use them for commuting or leisure. They enable you to ride faster, irrespective of your fitness level. You can paddle with the help of your ebike assist mode or use your motor fully when tired.

If you’re keen on your travel range, you should get a KBO electric bike. Our electric bikes offer you the best cycling experience; with a battery capacity of 840 Wh, you can go about 60miles per charge. KBO electric bikes have unique designs, long-lasting batteries, a reliable motor, and a strong battery with a good range. Apart from electric bicycles, we provide a variety of ebike accessories, such as bicycle frame bags, electric bike hitch racks, U-locks, and more.

What are our KBO riders’ thoughts on our electric bikes? The following are some reasons why our riders love KBO bikes:

KBO bikes help you go places 

With electronic bikes, exploring different places within a short period is easy. Riding a long distance on your e-bike is more comfortable than depending on a regular bicycle. KBO E-bikes are better since they have various features and accessories that help you journey easily and in style. Aside from going on camping trips and tours, KBO bikes can take you around the neighborhood for a jolly relaxing ride, exercise, or running errands.

Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about your safety, as KBO bikes have various safety gear to ensure smooth rides on hills and other terrains. Our riders have attested that their KBO bikes are the best personal e-bike for commuting. The Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger has a battery capacity of 840Wh, a quick charge of 3.0 Amp, and a maximum range of 60 miles. This ebike is suitable for climbing mountains and steep hills, with its 20 inches tires.

KBO bikes are easy and fun to use

Our KBO electric bikes scream fun, according to our riders. You can go on different adventures with comfortable saddles, wide tires, and suspension fork, ensuring smooth rides. Once you engage your motor, you will notice that every time you push on the pedals (depending on the setting), you will get five more pedal strokes for your money. More so, these bikes can perform various exciting tasks that traditional bicycles can’t, such as adjusting and tracking your progress as you improve your fitness with our user-friendly display. 

Since electric bikes don’t use fuel, they are suitable for the environment and your health. These ebikes are fast, easy to climb uphill, relieve stress, and help burn calories. Also, with fenders on their wheels, you can ride them in any weather condition and be protected from dusty and muddy stains.

KBO gets you back to biking

Our e-bikes have helped several individuals gradually return to biking. With KBO bikes, you would be motivated to ride again if you haven’t ridden a bike for an extended period due to joint injuries and discomfort. Our electric bikes have pedal assist for a smooth ride as it helps you climb hills and rocky terrain and minimize stress on your joints. 

Also, some of our riders are quickly substituting their cars for our ebikes due to its several benefits. Cycling is good for your heart, lungs, and blood pressure and lowers stress. KBO bike’s unique design allows you to ride without becoming physically exhausted for extended periods.

KBO is a better alternative to cars

Ebikes are great alternatives to cars. If you live in the city, you can easily navigate through congested areas and traffic. Moreover, ebikes are excellent for running quick errands and for commuting. You can ride on narrow paths and even through parks, as they’re considered a bike.

Also, you would save money on fuel and contribute less to pollution, which helps the environment and air quality. Can you get a decent-quality electric bicycle at an affordable rate? With our electric bike, you can save money in the long run, as the Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze is one of the most affordable ebikes you would find on the market. 

KBO takes passengers

Spending time with your children is fun and rewarding. Our customers have attested that our KBO commuter electric bike and electric cargo ebike has made biking with children easy. You can easily install a child’s seat on your ebikes, allowing you to have a fun bonding time as you ride around. 

Ensure you wear your child a helmet and seat belt for maximum protection. This passenger compartment can be a seat and storage area for camping or shopping trips. Our ebikes weight limit is 300 lbs., including the weight of both the rider and the cargo. The cargo limit is one vital factor to consider as you don’t want to weigh down your ebike.


How fast can KBO bikes go? 

Without pedaling, the maximum speed KBO bikes (the KBO Ranger Cargo) can go 24mph. With pedaling, they would go about 28 mph or more. This speed complies with the state rules and regulations for electric bikes.

How long does KBO charge?

From empty to full charge, it would take about five to six hours for KBO Breeze, Ranger, and the Step-Thru bikes to charge. While the Stealth Urban Electric Bike KBO Hurricane fully charges for four to 5 hours. However, it may take longer, depending on your battery maintenance.


If you’re still on the fence about getting a KBO bike, the above reasons should be enough to put your mind at ease. With our high-quality and reasonably priced electric bikes, we are concerned with increasing the trend of environmentally friendly ebikes for commuting.

Also, we have a two-year warranty, and you can buy replacement components for particular KBO e-bike models on our business’s website. With KBO bikes, you can bike without stress. Now that you’ve learned the benefits of having a KBO bike, get one today!

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