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5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

It’s hard to imagine anything ever going wrong as we fantasize about our finalized travel plans. Have you ever wonder why would you need a travel insurance? Here you can find the top 5 reasons why you need a travel insurance.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so it never hurts to be prepared. This is why you should always make sure you get travel insurance alongside those tickets to your dream destination. 

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Travel Insurance

Still not convinced? Check out these 5 key reasons why you should make travel insurance a must in your vacation budget. 

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1. Life Is Unpredictable 

In these unprecedented times of global crisis, it’s sad to say that you never quite know when you might need to return home suddenly. 

According to statistics published by, if you require evacuation from abroad, you could pay upwards of $50,000 without insurance. That’s a lot of money to come up with suddenly during an emergency. With comprehensive travel insurance, you’ll find that the coverage at least partially reimburses this staggering cost. 

You can also get travel insurance that will cover you in the event of needing to suddenly cut your vacation abroad due to an emergency at home, such as bereavement or severe property damage. This might cover costs such as hotel booking fees and return flights home. 

  1. Medical Fees Are Expensive

You should already be aware that your existing health insurance is highly unlikely to cover you if you become sick or injured abroad. Without insurance, you might find that getting the help you need is extremely expensive and difficult to access, especially in areas with sparse medical care.  

Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

With travel insurance, not only will you not be stuck with a huge medical bill, but you’ll also be able to access English-speaking assistance services that’ll arrange the help you require. 

Here is an article guide at Covertrip on travel medical insurance. Read on and get to know more.

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3. Cancellations Happen

Even before you leave for your trip, tragedy could strike and change your travel plans completely. Bereavement, sickness, and injury are events that happen without warning and sadly, are typically not covered by airline providers or hotel booking terms. This means that you won’t be able to have your vacation costs reimbursed without insurance that offers cancellation coverage. 

This type of coverage can also protect you from financial loss in events such as your flight being unexpectedly cancelled by the airline or your hotel becoming uninhabitable. With it, the obligation falls to insurance companies to negotiate alternative arrangements on your behalf, providing you peace of mind.

4. Lost Possessions Are a Nightmare

Imagine arriving at the baggage claim of your destination airport and waiting, only to find that your luggage has been lost by the airline – all your best clothes, your favorite electronics, and essential documents, gone in an instant. 

Without travel insurance, you could face the stressful situation of being without relevant documentation or even a change of clothes in a strange country. 

However, with coverage for delayed baggage, you can access services such as a payment to cover essentials on vacation while your bags are being located. 

5. Weather Conditions Can Change Everything 

If a natural disaster or adverse weather conditions prevent you from traveling, travel insurance can help you arrange alternative flights and put you in temporary accommodation. 

So instead of worrying about refunds or trying to work out how to camp in an airport, you can relax and wait for everything to be arranged on your behalf, so you can arrive at your destination safely. 

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The Bottom Line 

Travel Insurance only seems like an irrelevant or extravagant purchase when you’re naive enough to think that nothing could go wrong on vacation. 

However, when something unexpected does happen, you’ll be glad that you have it to help take the financial burden of a stressful situation off your shoulders. 

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