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5 Places in Europe Every Photographer Must Visit Once

Travelling to Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With rows of colour homes, beautiful castles, and ancient cathedrals, if there’s something you’re looking for, it’s there. The continent is full of rich history and dynamic landscapes that make for the most amazing photos of Europe.

If you’re still dreaming of visiting some of the prettiest places in Europe, now is the right time! Stop dreaming and begin planning your trip to enjoy some of Europe’s best photography destinations. Check out this guide of 5 places in Europe that every photographer must visit at least once to get your bucket list started. 

1. London

London has been named many times as one of the most Instagram worthy places in all of Europe. From stunning modern architecture to a beautiful blend of old buildings, there is truly something for everyone. You can admire stunning attractions such as Westminster Abbey while enjoying the gorgeous greenery.

There is a great opportunity for street photos of Portobello Market when wandering around. Even the museums in London are works of art being stunning both inside and out. The best bit is most of them are free to enter. In London, there are so many opportunities to capture amazing photographs.

2. Scotland

Scotland should definitely be on your list of the prettiest places in Europe to visit. One of the more popular places to photograph in Scotland is most definitely Fyvie Castle. Fyvie Castle not only has an absolutely fascinating history behind it, but it is also breathtaking beyond measure. 

People from all over flock to see this beautiful castle every year, hence why it should be at the top of your list. Aside from the castles, there are many beautiful national parks and lochs to admire and photograph while you’re there. It really wouldn’t be a trip to Europe without heading to Scotland. 

3. The Loire Valley

If you’ve never been to the Loire Valley, now is your chance. Packed with beautiful photography destinations and stunning Chateau’s such as Château de Cheverny, you are never left without something to do. The Loire Valley is packed with heritage and experiences that you will never find anywhere else.

Definitely add this to your list when you’re taking photos of Europe.

4. Amsterdam

If pretty is what you’re after, Amsterdam is one of the prettiest places in Europe. Full of olive-green canals, delightful architecture, and plenty of tourist attractions, there is no denying that Amsterdam is beautifully picturesque. The flavours of this city not only apply to the inhabitants but also the people who have visited Amsterdam many times before.

Your Europe photography won’t be complete until you head to Amsterdam. The canals especially make this city simply enchanting. Not only can you take beautiful photos of Amsterdam, but you can also enjoy the many tourist attractions offered. 

On top of that, the Dutch landscapes really are something different that set up a picture-perfect environment for any photographer. 

5. Paris

Would it really be a visit to Europe if you didn’t go to Paris? Travelling to Paris gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and famous photography spots in the entire world. For example, the Eiffel Tower is the place that everyone wants to go to get a winning picture of its unparalleled magnificence. 

It becomes even more magical in Paris when you plan beautiful photography outings to see the spots that usual tourists would not. Consider heading down to Montmartre in Paris. It is a beautifully romantic and picturesque spot that is perfect for romantic photography. Paris is the perfect place to capture the elegance of beauty. 

If a trip to take gorgeous photos of Europe is in your future, don’t miss out on capturing some of the most beautiful cities in Europe while you’re there. Europe truly is a wonderland for photographers. It is full of fun trips, family trips, magical places, and romantic getaways. 

No matter what your travel plans entail, these prettiest places in Europe will always make your trip and photographs simply enchanting. This continent is loaded to the brim with amazing photography destinations where you can capture special moments that you’ll never forget. 

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