5 of the Most Famous Opera Stars from Italy

Italy is a country rich in culture and famous for its history, passion, and music. When all four of these come together they create some of the most magnificent opera singers the world has seen, in Italy (go here to see tickets). Opera has a lot to thank Italy for, from the composers and librettists who come from there to its origins as an art form back in 1598 in Florence. Here, we look at 5 of the greatest stars of opera to hail from Italy. Five Famous Opera Stars in Italy and information about what makes them so special. Look at this list of the names of Most Famous Opera Stars.

Most Famous Opera Stars

Most Famous Opera Stars

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Luciano Pavarotti

Probably one of the most famous opera stars ever, Luciano Pavarotti was also quite unusual in that he was a huge crossover star who excelled as a popular music star too. Born in Modena, he was a tenor who performed operas, made recordings, and also found fame as one of the Three Tenors.

His career began when he played Rodolfo in La Bohème in the early 1960s before he found fame in London and New York, then as a TV personality, singing during the World Cup in 1990 and with various celebrity duets.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea was born in a small town in Tuscany with a voice that Celine Dion went on to describe as the voice that God would probably sound like if he had a voice. He is a multi-award-winning artist with record sales under his belt and, like Pavarotti, has enjoyed huge crossover success between his opera performances and commercial music sales.

He went completely blind at the age of 12, following a football accident. However, he had endured congenital glaucoma since birth. His achievements include performing at huge world-class events and also having his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cecilia Bartoli

Considered a coloratura mezzo-soprano opera singer, Cecilia prefers to sing lesser-known Baroque classical music. She is a hugely successful, award-winning singer of recent years who was born in Rome.

Aside from her recitals and recordings, she is also famous for her renditions of Mozart and Puccini operas.

Francesco Tamagno

Born on 28 December 1850, Francesco was a famous tenor who sang Otello in Verdi’s first-ever performance of the opera. Tamagno was the most famous singer of his time and renowned for having a brilliantly powerful voice, especially in the upper register. He sang in over 55 different operas and had a very fulfilled career – even being the first tenor to leave behind a large catalog of recordings.

Giuseppe De Luca

Introducing the first baritone into our list, Giuseppe was technically one of the best and most refined opera singers who ever lived. He was born on Christmas day in Rome, but found notable success in New York City in world premieres of Puccini’s operas, ‘Madama Butterfly’ and ‘Gianni Schicchi’.

He also enjoyed success performing in London’s Covent Garden and was praised by critics and audiences alike. His vocals were recorded several times as well as film footage featuring the opera singer.

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