5 of the Best Rehab Centers Around the World

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction and getting clean and sober is a difficult process, but it’s absolutely worthwhile. If you’re considering going to rehab, you’re likely setting yourself up for success. Detoxification and rehabilitation treatment centers offer medical supervision, guidance, and support in a safe, secure setting. On the other hand, going “cold turkey” on your own can be a dangerous way to get clean. Recovering from drug addiction is a tough journey, but some amazing places to go for it. Here are 5 of the best rehab centers around the world.

Why not give yourself the very best treatment money can buy? Check out this list of the best drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers around the world.

Best Rehab Centers Around the World

The Hope House, USA

The Hope House is well-known for its unique ways of treatment and for operating in more than 10,000 luxury houses located on 7 private acres in north Scottsdale. They much focus on the whole person with their unique therapies, which are very uncommon in most rehab centers. The Hope House is an eminent place for its breathtaking location, moreover, it is also authorized by the State of Arizona. The Residential Behavioral Health facilities are found in peaceful and amazing places, such as in the Desert of North Scottsdale. Eventually, these are located in the few selected places for their tranquil & relaxing Desert landscape. For more, you can check their website: (The Hope House)

The Betty Ford Center, US

First opened in 1982, this iconic treatment center is named for the former First Lady who helped destigmatize addiction. The Betty Ford Center attracts a top-level clientele. It is staffed by experienced doctors and other practitioners. In short, it is one of the best places to go in the US if you want to get and stay clean.

The Betty Ford Center has an international reputation as the rehab center to the stars. However, don’t let its celebrity status fool you. Its approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is second to none.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia

The Sanctuary is one of the most acclaimed international rehabilitation centers. It offers luxurious treatment for patients who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. It also treats patients with eating disorders and other psychiatric issues.

One notable aspect of this facility is that it welcomes patients’ pets. Patients who don’t want to leave a beloved animal friend behind appreciate this perk!

The Crossroads Center, Antigua

The Crossroads is notable for several reasons. First, there’s the idyllic waterfront location. That alone may make you feel more as though you’re on vacation than at rehab.

This treatment center was founded by famed guitar player Eric Clapton. It operates on a not-for-profit basis. Additionally, all graduates of the 29-day program continue to receive one-on-one support for at least two years after leaving the facility.

The treatment modality at The Crossroads adheres to the 12-Step philosophy. This makes it easy for patients to transition to ongoing treatment wherever they live.

Cirque Lodge, US

This is a private treatment center that combines a luxury setting with alternative therapy options. Cirque Lodge is an exclusive rehab. It treats only 16 patients at a time.

Patients are able to partake in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and fishing as they tackle their addictions.

Traditional therapy techniques are combined with more holistic approaches.  Cirque Lodge’s approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation is unique but effective.

Cirque Lodge is one of the exclusive rehabs in Utah.

The Nishan Foundation, Pakistan

When you think “luxury rehab,” you likely think of Malibu. This state of the art addiction treatment center, however, is located in Pakistan.

Group and individual therapy sessions include traditional addiction rehab approaches. They also draw on Eastern therapies such as attitudinal healing and detoxification.

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 also help to treat teen substance abuse and ensure they come out of
such addictions.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a rehab center is a very personal decision. It is wise to do as much research in advance as possible. Armed with information, you can then make the best choice possible as you embark on a journey to wellness and sobriety.

Have you been to any of these rehab centers? if so, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Please leave a comment below to let your fellow readers know what to expect.

Last Updated on August 29, 2023

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