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5 of the Best Fishing Spots in Arkansas

If you love fishing, you have to check out Arkansas. Arkansas has over 9,000 miles of water, and with all that water you know there are going to be some unreal fishing spots. Arkansas’ waterways are highly regarded by fishing experts and enthusiasts. Here is your guide to the five best fishing spots in Arkansas.

Best Fishing Spots

The Top Fishing Spots in Arkansas

1. White River

The White River is the ideal trout stream. The constantly fluctuating waters make it shallow enough to see trout swim under you one day and be filled bank to bank with fast, cool water the next. Trout love this type of environment, and the river is also great for fishing bream and bass. The White River is in northwest Arkansas.  

2. Lake Ouachita

One of the most beautiful locations in Arkansas, Lake Ouachita is the largest lake entirely within the state. One of Arkansas’ diamond lakes, so-called because the water is so clean and clear, Ouachita is home to a wide variety of sport fish.

The lake is stocked with young schools of fish each year. Here you will find bream, catfish, large mouth bass, and rainbow trout. You will find Lake Ouachita in central-west Arkansas. 

3. Little Red River

Like White River, Little Red River is a famous tailwater trout stream. Little Red River has been a great location for fly fishing since trout were introduced in 1966 and you know what they said, fly fishing has a ton of benefits.

The best trout fishing can be found just below the Greers Ferry Dam. The US Fish and Wildlife Service releases thousands of mature rainbow and brown trout each year, making sure the river is always well-stocked. This section of Little Red River is famous for the world-record brown trout, 40lbs 4oz, until 2009. 

4. DeGray Lake

Another Diamond Lake, DeGray is a man-made lake and offers nearly 14,000 acres of fishing. At DeGray, you will fish several species of bass, along with Blue and Flathead catfish. One of the best things about DeGray Lake is that it offers year-round fishing due to its coves, islands, and wooded pockets. You will find DeGray Lake in south-central Arkansas. 

5. Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is technically a reservoir, and this man-made lake spans 43,000 acres. The majority of the lake is located in Missouri, however, it stretches into Arkansas and offers some outstanding fishing. Table Rock Lake offers a wide variety of species, however, chasing bass is the top sport here.

Table Rock lake has an all year abundance of largemouth spotted, and smallmouth bass. Table Rock Lake also offers excellent Crappie Action. Table Rock Lake is located in northern Arkansas, take a look at some of it’s best fishing spots.

Arkansas’ Best Fishing Spots

You may not immediately think of Arkansas when you think of our country’s best fishing spots, but if you aren’t experiencing fishing in Arkansas you are missing out. With over 9000 miles of water, including the famous diamond lakes, there is plenty of exciting fishing opportunities. Check out our top five and enjoy everything Arkansas has to offer fishing enthusiasts. If you enjoyed this article check out the rest of our travel blog.

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