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5 Nature Experiences Travel Lovers Should Definitely Try Out

Exposure to new places and people can be refreshing and revitalizing. Take a moment and picture yourself in an earthy environment. When you think about nature, imagine the sounds, views, and smells. Perhaps you picture yourself feeling a fresh ocean breeze blowing through your hair, dipping your toes in the sand, or hearing the waterfalls gushing over the rocks. Nature experiences teach us to adapt to new environments and remind us that beauty lies in simplicity. It distances us away from the stress and chaos of our daily lives by focusing on finding peace and tranquility.Benefit your well-being and everyday life by checking out some of the best nature experiences that every traveler should try out.

The phrase ‘Live in the moment’ sounds cliché when you have a nine to five schedule ahead. However, the stresses melt away when you embark on some of the most mesmerizing views in the world. Immersing yourself in nature can invigorate your health in countless ways. The breathtaking sceneries can evoke feelings of awe that release endorphins and further result in a mental boost.

Nature Experiences

Hiking on the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg

An exhilarating way to get a dose of nature is to set out on a hike. Hiking does not require any fancy or expensive equipment. Just a strong pair of boots, a map, and a thirst for adventure will suffice. Additionally, hiking on the Great Smoky Mountains provides you with the most iconic views of the park and beyond. Some of these hiking trails follow streams and lead to astonishing waterfalls. While some to renowned peaks and historical places. 

After coming back from a tiring hike, the Smoky Mountains provide the best and most relaxing accommodations. For instance, the Gatlinburg chalets offer comfort and luxury with a mesmerizing experience. They have all the comforts of home, encompassed by the scenic beauty of the Smoky Mountains. With facilities and amenities like hot tubs, game rooms, and theater, you will surely enjoy your stay at the Gatlinburg. 

Boat Ride under Iguazu Falls

Getting beneath the roaring cascades is a lifetime experience. To tour both sides of the wall, one needs to cross the borders between Argentina and Brazil. Likewise, to see the water up close and personal, one must book a jet boat safari. The ride takes you through the rapids and underneath the mighty falls. Iguazu is 1.7 miles of surging water, white rapids, and flickering rainbows engulfed by a thriving expanse of subtropical rainforest. Gushing and falling rapidly, the waterfalls pour in a picture-perfect panorama. 

The two sides of the falls let you have a multi-faceted experience of nature. The Argentinian side of the Iguazu provides the opportunity to get closer to the falls. Whereas, Brazilian side offers spectacular panoramic vistas that put them into a unique perspective. You can also take helicopter rides to see the waterfalls with a broader view. It may be a splurge, but it is indeed worthwhile. While further introducing you to Iguazu’s beauty, various other activities can physically challenge you, such as rappelling and hiking expeditions. 

Niagra Falls Zipline

Niagra Falls is a dream vacation destination for many. The area does not only have incredible views to offer but is full of engaging, adventurous activities. The Zipline is an adrenaline-inducing way to experience the magnificent Niagra Falls. The vertical drop is about 51 meters, and the distance is approximately 148 kilometers. The MistRider zipline at the Niagra Falls takes you straight to the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Wild Play Element Parks has instated four parallel zip lines over Niagara Falls. 

These ziplines begin at Niagara Falls Grand View Marketplace and alight at the top of Ontario Power Building Company. The experience makes you feel like a bird soaring through the sky. You will begin with a training session on the ground to get familiar with using the ziplines. Then, by climbing the ladder, you’ll make your way from tree to tree. And, you have to leap onto swinging logs, balancing on the wobbly bridges. As you dangle from a precarious height, you witness some of the most sensational panoramic scenes of the fall. 

The Blue Lagoon Tandem in Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz is amongst the most picturesque beaches, situated on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey. It is also known as the Turquoise Coast. Oludeniz is a small town in the city of Fethiye. When you visit there, you will witness various paragliding wings in the air. It has the most popular paragliding spots across the world. 

You travel towards the Badabag Mountain through a van which is the primary peak atop approximately 6,640 feet. The distance is half an hour-long, with narrow and steep roads having no guardrails. However, you get to witness the magnificent, jaw-dropping views. Additionally, the expert gears you up with the appropriate equipment. The parachute needs to catch the wind fully to run off the cliff. While gliding through the air, you could see, The Oludeniz beach, blue lagoon, a few nearby coasts, and small islands from above. Moreover, there are restaurants and cafés along the beach where you’ll see the paragliders constantly adventuring throughout the day. 

Float Along the Amazon River 

The upper Amazon River allows you to witness some fascinating remote destinations from the deck of a boat. There are luxury cruises that take you on the river tour. To the Peruvian stretch and the area’s wildlife, witness culture at an enjoyable, leisurely pace. Similarly, explore the jungle having a dense expanse and brimming with wildlife, located in Manaus. Here you’ll learn about the medicinal purpose of the plants and other wildlife activities. For instance, birdwatching is an amazon attraction that one shouldn’t miss. 

Other wildlife animals include; 130 species of reptiles and amphibians, over 100 species of mammals, and different plants. Furthermore, you will see enormous butterflies and monkeys roaming the canopy. There’s a chance to come across Amazon’s pink dolphins. Besides, some tours offer opportunities to dive within the Peruvian Amazon.

Wrapping up

Exploring nature in its most authentic forms is every travel lover’s bucket-list priority. Our collection of nature experiences provides thrilling adventures with scenic beauty that boosts your mental and physical health. You can hike through misty mountains or experience gushing waterfalls. You can even opt for ziplining or stargazing activities. The options are unlimited, so pick one that entices you and dive into the exquisite nature experiences the world has to offer. 

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