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5 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Ethical Thailand Itinerary

Your Thailand itinerary can turn into a nightmare when you ignore ethical tour experts’ advice. But it can be vice versa as well. So, to help you have the most pleasant trip to this Asian tourist destination, Your Thailand itinerary can turn into a nightmare when you ignore ethical tour experts advice.Try avoid these 5 mistakes.Here we begin.

Avoid Riding Elephants

Thailand is certainly a land of stunning beaches and you can have a great time there. But, tourism has also plagued it by promoting interesting but unethical cultural practices. Being new to Thailand you can probably become a part of such activities’ promotion by paying for them. Here are some of the cruel some things to invite you.

Elephant ride seems catchy, but it has been backed with the tortured training of elephants to allow folks to sit on them. Many ethical companies have removed from the “to do’s” list in Thailand. But you’re likely to have a ride if your tourism company is secretly scheduling for it.

Then what to do? Be clear that even if you’ve got an interest in wildlife, you can replace it with national park’s visits.

Visiting Tigers’ Temple can be more Regretful.

Thailand itinerary

Another heinous thing can be visiting the Tigers’ Temple in Bangkok, thinking that these nice tigers are so sacred that they allow sitting by them. However, the truth is, they have been hypnotized through drugs. Overall these animal attractions are nothing but a deal of cold-heartedness of the organizers.

Think, “why should tigers be at the temple? Only to become a part of your photographs which you might not like on your ethical Thailand itinerary. Instead, the only ethical side of Thailand animal attractions will be the wildlife. And you’ll love to recall your encounter with natures’ gifts.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by the Long Neck Tribes of Karen.

The tourism industry has grown immensely in Thailand, which has negatively affected the lives of Karen long neck folks. They’re Myanmar refugees who might want to leave their unkind tradition of long necks behind. But, here in Thailand, to be a center of tourists’ attention, they are forced to stick with their tradition of lengthening the neck using rings.

What if they’re doing so willingly? Still, the entire process of neck lengthening is decades-long to cause much pain. Indeed, on your ethical trip, you’ll never want to see that show of inhumanity. So, the best way can be to avoid it

Prostitution shouldn’t Captivate you.

The concept of morality is incomplete without discouraging prostitution or unlawful sex. During the past decades, to promote tourism, Thailand has engaged thousands of sex workers in their nightlife entertainment.

Would you think that they’re doing so willingly? No…. Human trafficking is common to keep things going on. It’s the reason, every year, thousands of tourists merely plan a trip to get an entry in “PING PONG SHOW,” or high-level prostitution.

When you’re a true tourist on a mission to learn about cultures and lands, you might have nothing to do with such false charm that might involve some nasty compulsion in the background. Instead, explore real cultural shows in Thailand and have a great time there.

Don’t Visit the Crowded Islands.

After wasting time at bars and with prostitutes, you can find many party lovers on busy beaches. Many tourist guides to Thailand are full of engaging descriptions of these beaches and spas. But, if you want to have a great time and learn from your trip, the better idea will be to head towards the less crowded and peaceful beaches and spend your time observing nature.

Many tourists are remorseful for being a part of meaningless activities that their guides had planned for them. So, when you’re determined to get the best out of this Thailand itinerary, schedule your activities after excellent research.

Final Thoughts

Thailand is a beautiful land with blue and silver beaches, sacred temples, rich wildlife, and tasty food in Chinatown. Without living in the genuine spirit of your Thailand itinerary, you can miss the true pleasure of being in such marvelous land. Therefore, by avoiding a few unethical activities and altering them with the best options, you can have a wonderful time and memories there.

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