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Passport Fast – 5 Little-Known Tips on How to Get a Passport Fast

In 2017 alone, over 38 million Americans traveled abroad.Need a passport right away for an upcoming trip? You probably have time. Check out our five tips on how to get a passport fast now.

Whenever you leave, you need a passport to get out of the country, into another, and back into the US. But what happens when you need a passport fast?

Getting your passport application reviewed and approved faster than routine is definitely possible. There are also some other things you can do to avoid the fate of needing a passport and not being able to get one quick enough.

Keep reading for 5 little-known tips on the fastest ways to get a passport and travel outside the US.

How to Get a Passport Fast

5 Little-Known Tips on How to Get a Passport Fast

Know Where to Go for a Passport Fast

You can get your passport through expedited or routine services depending on the reason you need it as well as how soon you have to travel. If you don’t need your passport for 6 weeks, then you can go through the routine application process at an acceptance facility, through the mail, or online at a passport agency.

If you need it faster, you’re looking at an expedited service. When you have urgent travel plans and you need your passport within 2-3 weeks, you should go through expedited service at a passport agency. But if you can wait 4-6 weeks for your passport, then you can use the expedited service at a facility or renew your passport by mail.

Life or Death Emergencies

Life or death emergencies are special circumstances that entitle you to get a passport faster than any other method.

Defined as a serious illness, injury, or death that occurs within your immediate family, a life or death emergency expedited service will help you get a passport and travel within 72 hours.

1-2 Day Delivery Service

When using an expedited service at a facility or renewal by mail, you’re required to pay an expedite fee of approximately $60. However, that fee doesn’t include 1 or 2 day delivery of your passport. In order to receive your passport fast, you’ll want to opt for the 1-2 day delivery service.

Know About Visas in Advance

Even if you have a passport, you can still be turned away from your flight if you don’t have the right visas. Don’t let all your hard work and trip planning go to waste by failing to get the right travel visas before you go.

Do your research and find out if you’re required to apply for a visa before your trip.

Consider a Second Passport or Extra Pages

If you like to travel often, consider getting a second passport or even a passport with additional pages. This might save you tons of headaches when you need to take an unexpected trip.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s totally legal to have more than one valid US passport. It’s helpful when you travel to countries that reject passports based on where you’ve traveled before. It’s also great when you’re applying for more than one visa at a time.

You might also think about getting a 52-page passport book as opposed to the standard 28-page book. This gives you plenty of more time before you need a new passport.

When is Your Next Trip?

Getting a passport one day is as easy as using an expedited service at a passport office, an agency, or by mail. Which one is best for you will depend on why you need to travel and how quickly.

And when you’re planning your next trip well in advance, don’t let any detail go unchecked. We’ll help you plan everything from a to z with our specialized travel services.

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