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5 Light and Bright Toowoomba Restaurants in Australia

The city of Toowoomba in Australia offers tons of attractions for both locals and tourists. Residents and visitors will find plenty of things to do and places to see around town. When it comes to the local food scene, Toowoomba will not disappoint you as it offers a wide range of cuisines including local and international specialties.Five of the most amazing Toowoomba Restaurants in Australia.Find tons of info, including the address of Toowoomba Restaurants in Australia

Whether you are looking for casual eating, trendy restaurants, cocktail bars or upscale dining, there’s no shortage of choices in Toowoomba. With the growing number of new restaurants popping up all over the region, residents can expect the food and restaurant industry to continue to flourish in the next few years. The food scene in Toowoomba is starting to gain some recognition from its neighboring regions.

While Toowoomba is known for its festivals, it is gradually becoming a rising star in the food and restaurant industry. Restaurateurs are also beginning to see more opportunities for new concepts in the food business as more cafés and restaurants continue to open in various parts of the region.

Hence, we’ve highlighted five of the best restaurants in town that will surely satisfy your tummy.

Toowoomba Restaurants in Australia

Best Toowoomba Restaurants

1. Café Guitar

This café attracts both foodies and music lovers as it offers a fun and entertaining vibe. With its homestyle dishes and live music, it’s no wonder why Café Guitar is the talk of the town. This restaurant is best known for its delicious sweet potato and kale fritters mixed with salad, feta, and balsamic dressing.

This café is popular among Toowoomba residents and is a great place to chill out, listen to good music, and eat heavenly food. To add to its charm, this restaurant also features cool interiors including a guitar chandelier.

Some of their best-sellers include Butterscotch pancakes, fettucine carbonara, and burgers. Café Guitar is open from Tuesday to Saturday while customers can listen to live music every Saturday evening. This café offers takeaway food and options for vegetarians. If you enjoy listening to music while eating a sumptuous meal, this place is for you.

Location: 41A Russell St. Toowoomba, Queensland

2. Gip’s

This restaurant is another cool and popular spot for locals. It is surrounded by lush gardens and is located in Clifford House, recognized as one of the most historic buildings in Toowoomba. Hence, making it an appealing food and travel destination, especially for people who want to dine in style.

The restaurant owners were able to preserve a part of the city’s history and named the restaurant after the dog of the building’s owner. Customers will also find a rock within the grounds commemorating Gip. With its peaceful and charming atmosphere setting, Gip’s has become a popular venue for various events.

It also offers a café style dining with casual breakfast and an a la carte menu for dinner highlighting Australian cuisine. Gip’s also offers a wide range of international and light dishes along with coffee and cocktails.

Location: 120 Russell St. Toowoomba, Queensland

3. Original Saigon

This Vietnamese-inspired restaurant adds a fresh perspective in the food and restaurant scene in Toowoomba. It offers a warm and inviting vibe as customers get a taste of the finest and most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in town.

The menu is made with healthy and fresh ingredients that feature the unique flavors and spices of Vietnamese food. Original Saigon first opened its doors to the Toowoomba in 2018 and has been consistently serving the locals with its mouth watering dishes. Since it is a family-owned restaurant, customers will truly appreciate the love that comes from every bite of their food.

The most popular selections on the menu include Vietnam’s signature dishes, Banh Mi (sandwich) and Pho (noodles).  This restaurant serves lunch and dinner. At the same time, customers can opt for takeaway or delivery in case they don’t feel like going out.

Original Saigon ranks as one of the top-rated restaurants in Toowoomba and is highly recommended by travelers in Trip Advisor. It was also recognized as one of the top three 2019 Vietnamese restaurants in Toowoomba. Check out their site at

Location: 286 Ruthven St. Toowoomba, Queensland.

4. Impressions on Scott

This café is another popular spot for many locals and is located on the east side of town. This casual restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere which is quite inviting. Customers can dine in the alfresco section in a garden setting or dine inside.

Some of the café’s bestsellers include pancakes and squid salad. It also highlights Australian dishes. Customers also rave about their delicious and aromatic coffee concoctions. Impressions on Scott continue to receive high reviews from its customers.

Location: 19 Scott St., Toowoomba, Queensland

5. Skewers

This fast-paced eatery in Toowoomba highlights Indonesian street food and is located in a cool hole-in-the-wall area in town. Customers will have to pass an alleyway first lined with graffiti designs to get to Skewers. This casual restaurant features an industrial interior with lounges, benches, and café tables with artistically placed dividers.

It also has an open kitchen that invites the mouthwatering aroma of grilled meats, curry, and spring rolls. Customers are encouraged to try their bestseller, chicken skewers which are marinated in special Indonesian peanut and soy sauce. Another popular dish is the lamb rendang with rice. People who want to try Indonesian street food should check out Skewers.

Location: 2 Club Lane, Toowoomba, Queensland


The region of Toowoomba highlights different international cuisines including Australian flavors. However, for foodies who want to experience and taste different international flavors, Toowoomba is one of the best places to experience it all.

The food scene continues to progress as the town starts to expand its offerings by opening more restaurants that serve fusion or specialty dishes. This creates more choices for local foodies while at the same time, creates a more diverse food industry.

The local food entrepreneurs are also experimenting with different styles, techniques, and concepts so that they can offer the residents more unique flavors. Aside from the list above, there are tons of other restaurants that people can check out when they are in town.

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