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5 Industries Where Travel Leads To Business Opportunities

As much as we’re connected these days through online and mobile means, there’s still something to be said for face-to-face interactions with respect to sales. And that means traveling. Now, one perk of this is that you can use these business travel sessions as mini-vacations as well, so this is definitely not something to complain about.

But, there are a few industries in particular that have specific needs for travel time, and they include the fitness industry, the music industry, the entertainment industry, anything to do with clothing fashion, and even the medical industry. Consider each of the following examples and illustrations.

5 Industries Where Travel Leads To Business Opportunities
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5 Industries Where Travel Leads To Business Opportunities

The Fitness Industry

Though there’s new technology and forms of connection all the time in the fitness industry, both gyms and individual people are always going to need exercise equipment. And that means, as a salesman, you may either have to meet these people face to face to make your case, or at least be on location when certain sales are made. For large orders, this is particularly true, and since most exercise equipment isn’t that different from brand to brand, the amount of trust you develop with clients over time is paramount.

The Music Industry

The music industry is also another interesting example. Although almost everything a musician can do right now can happen through online collaborative software and internet connections, there’s still a kind of energy that happens when people are physically in the same room. You can use this to your advantage in terms of business opportunities if you’re willing to travel, and that can lead you to some fun places like L.A. and New York as well, where a lot of media attention is centered.

The Entertainment Industry

And if you’re just generally in the entertainment industry, travel is going to be a big part of your key to open the door to success. Face time, handshakes, drinks at the bar, lunches at the place down the street – if you’re into movies, or club culture, or art, those are going to be extremely important occasions for you to make a good impression in person.

Clothing Lines

And the fashion industry, occasionally bizarre as it is, requires you to do some traveling to get some business opportunities as well. You have to meet the designers, meet the models, scope out the catwalks. It’s tough to do those things from the comfort of a computer.

The Medical Industry

As far as the medical industry goes, there’s the matter of traveling around as a salesman to pitch your product. If you’re a representative for a major drug company, you know how important it is to take doctors to lunch to convince them to try out the latest drugs on the market.

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