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5 Important Travel Safety Tips for 2018

Traveling is the best teacher. It is meant to help you discover cultures different from your own, meet new people, and basically open your mind to the various lived experiences of everyone in the world. For the most part, it is safe to travel anywhere. A lot of locals are more than happy to help you when you seem lost or need help with communicating. But there are still moments where precaution needs to be taken. The best travel tips that I can recommend if you are planning a trip this year.Take a look at my list of Travel Safety Tips.

Travel Safety Tips

It is wise to be prepared for whatever can happen, especially if you are a solo traveler. So here we will explore how you can make your travel safety tips and easy for you.  

Get travel insurance 

Getting travel insurance is almost a requirement for travelers, but you would be surprised at how many people still managed to forget about it. With travel insurance, you can ensure your safety and that of your items. Some provisions offer medical attention and allowance. You can also get insured for cancelled flights, lost luggage, and accidents either caused by you or someone else. 

Learn about common travel scams 

Assuming you are not a seasoned traveler, you must know the common modus operandi when it comes to scamming tourists. These include overpricing your cab fare, suspicious people suddenly cornering you, pickpockets, and more. There are con-artists anywhere in the world, you just have to be vigilant. 

Do not bring a lot of gadgets 

The general rule for traveling is not to bring too many valuables during the trip. There is a risk of losing or breaking these items because you would be walking around a lot. If you want to take pictures, maybe sticking to your smartphones is your best bet. If you must bring your DSLRs, make sure to bring the camera bag and strap it around your body at all times. 

Consider not bringing any laptops or tablets during the trip as this will weigh you down. Worse, it may catch the attention of thieves. 

Additionally, try not to bring gadgets you have just bought. There are a lot of instances where travelers cause panic in an airport because their phones suddenly caught fire. If you really want to bring these items on-board, at least wait for a couple of months and make sure it does not appear on any product safety recall list. 

Write down emergency numbers 

Learn all the emergency numbers you can contact in the country you are visiting. If they do not have an emergency number like 911, write down the numbers for their hospital and police station. You should also include the hotel phone number, the contact details of your emergency contact in your home country, and that of your country’s embassy details.  

Download safety apps 

It is true what they say, there is already an app for everything. The first thing you need to download is an app called bSafe, which your friends and family in your home country must have as well. You can send your location to those at home and allow them to “follow” as you go around the city on your own. Download the riding app popular in the city like Grab or Uber 

Remember that traveling should be a fun experience. Don’t let unpredictable mishaps ruin it by not preparing for the trip well. 

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