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5 Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in Bali with your Family

What to do this Christmas? Why do you have to shiver in the cold winter while you can actually roam around or conquer the waves in Bali? If you have decided to celebrate the festive season on the tropical island, you may be wondering what kind of activities you can do in Bali. Rest assured, there is a whole range of activities to entertain you and your family. Young and old alike, everybody will be enchanted by the magic of the Island of Gods. Here are 5 ideas to have a perfect Christmas away from home.Make it easier for you to plan a family-friendly Christmas celebration while traveling in Bali.This is a complete guide on Christmas in Bali.

Christmas in Bali with your Family

1. Have a magical getaway in a luxury villa

Celebrate Christmas

Why opt for a run-of-the-mill hotel while you can stay a private villa instead? There are plenty of villas in Bali, each with its own characteristics and style, making every stay a unique experience. Unlike in other travel destinations, you can enjoy staying in a luxury villa at an affordable price. The best part? You will receive personalized service at the villa. Forget about waking up early just to make it to the allocated breakfast time or browsing through the dining hall looking for something that suits your taste. At a villa, meals will be catered to your liking and served at your preferred timing. If you have any other requirement, such as a baby cot, pool fence, special diet, chauffeur or airport pickup, the villa staff will do their best to fulfill it. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the time with your family. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

2. Party in the heart of the festive area during Christmas in Bali


Celebrate Christmas

If you enjoy the excitement of the celebration, stay in Seminyak area. Known to be a tourist hotpot, Seminyak has a selection of restaurants and boutiques that promise to give you a satisfying feast. Do not miss out on the special Christmas deals. During this period, many restaurants, bars and resorts will offer something a little bit special.

3. Or enjoy a quiet retreat in a quaint area during Christmas in Bali

Celebrate Christmas

If you are not in the mood for the excited crowd, head to locations a little bit further from the central. Here, you will be able to have a peaceful time to appreciate nature, rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Areas like Kerobokan, Canggu, are just a short distance away from the party but still give you the much-needed serenity. Places such as Candidasa, Amed, despite being distant from the tourist gathering spots, have their own charms. You will be able to discover untouched nature, traditional Balinese villages, and historic water palaces.

4. Do your ritual Christmas shopping…a bit differently

Celebrate Christmas

What is Christmas without browsing through colorfully decorated malls to look for presents for your friends and families? The shopping malls will have special offers for Xmas. But as you are in Bali, consider going to local art markets or boutiques to find something special. Traditional Balinese arts, crafts, sweets and local products are a unique way to celebrate a Christmas away from home.

5. Organize a Christmas party

Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is not Christmas anymore if you don’t have a party. This year, your party will be a little bit different – instead of having roasted turkey at home, you will be toasting by the beach as the sunset reddens the sky. If you are in the mood for a fine-dining meal, there are plenty of high-quality restaurants in Bali. However, due to popular demand of the season, you may need to book a table in advance. For those who stay in a villa, you can celebrate Christmas by the pool, with fragrant BBQs, funky music and classic cocktails.

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