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5 Great Things To Do In Ibiza When On A Tight Budget

Ibiza holidays are renowned for being expensive and most people say that they can only dream about a vacation there but the truth is this is a location like all others. There are always things to do for people on tighter budgets and good travel planning always helps. Ibiza features many different luxury villas but also affordable accommodation. You can also consider the following things to do to fill your days when on a budget.Five cheap and fun things that you can do when you visit Ibiza, Spain.Check out this blog post to learn things to do In Ibiza.

Things To Do In Ibiza

San Jordi Market

In San Jordi, at the Hippodrome, a market is held every single Saturday between 9:00 and 15:00. You can find so many clothes, electronics, toys, antiques and basically all you would imagine to buy. This is a great place to buy gifts or just have a great day looking at the local artists that play in the streets. The only thing is that you have to arrive early if you are looking for the very best possible bargains.

Es Vedra

The power that this rock formation has is undeniable and mystery surrounds it. According to many locals this is the Earth’s most magnetic point and planes simply cannot fly above it. Es Vedra is said to have healing properties but even if you do not believe in that, a picnic in the area is great. You can also enjoy a child friendly beach nearby and really tasty seafood at affordable prices.

Casita Verde

Casita Verde is opened on Sundays from 2 PM and is a really interesting Eco-education experiential center dedicated to permaculture technique application and study. The entrance fee is only 10 EUR and the children can learn a lot about free energy, green home building techniques and sustainability. Many enjoy the tour and what is pretty rare is having lunch served there from 2 to 4 PM. Basically, the tour is a free extra if you buy a 10 EUR plate of organic, local vegetarian dishes. Aloe vera juice is extra but you may want to take a bottle with you for your future adventures.

Walking In Ibiza

There is a reason why Ibiza is featured in lists of the top meditation retreats around the world and that reason is the serenity offered by most of the region when you hike. You can find so many wonderful places to explore and the scenery is quite incredible. Guided tours are available for only 10 EUR thanks to the efforts of Toby Clarke, an Ibiza resident that became famous after walking all the coastline and camping. His experience practically guarantees you will get to see some lesser-known Ibiza beautiful spots.

Las Dalias

This is the first hippie market in Ibiza and is now a cool hangout spot close to San Carlos. Many tourists choose to take advantage of the cheap Menu Del Dia offering 3 courses, bread, aioli and a drink. These menus vary every day with different options ranging from local delicacies to special vegetarian options. This daily menu is only available from Monday to Friday but on Saturdays you can replace that with cake and coffee as a market opens its doors selling artisanal products, handmade crafts and other treats.

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