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5 Great Spots for The Ultimate Asian Adventure

The East is known for its rich and colorful culture but that’s not all there is to the continent. It is also a haven for people with adventurous streaks because aside from being home to the tallest mountain and the deepest part of the sea, there are many extreme adventures that await you in Asia. However, before embarking on any adventure take responsibility and be sure that you are prepared for your holiday, check your bags, your schedule and be sure to take a travel insurance policy from reputable companies such as good2go travel insurance. To kick start your Eastern adventure, here’s a list of adventures in various Asian countries.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Photo By: Justin Friend

1. Siem Reap, Cambodia. Many people pride Cambodia for being home to Angkor Wat but it is emerging to be one of the best destinations for people with a taste for something new. You can go horseback riding to the rural village in Khmer, the abandoned temples during the Angkor area to the rice fields in Siem Reap. If you are not afraid of the dark, exploring one of the outlying temples in Koh Ker before retiring to camp may be the thing for you.

2. Laos. Many people associate elephants with Thailand but there are other Asian countries where you can find these beasts and have a close encounter with them. In fact, Laos offers one of the best experiences with these mammals. In fact, you can spend days trekking the countryside while on board these huge elephants. Country trekking in Hongsa and taking some lessons to be an elephant rider or mahout in Phou Asa is surely a great way to spend time with these endangered animals.

3. Lake Laem, Thailand. Floating close to the Burmese border, you will surely relish the experience of being at home in a house boat which floats along a picturesque Thai region. Aboard the boat which is fashioned like a house in every way, you will wake up to a different vista as the house boat glides along the lake. Your 4-day tour in this safari home will give you plenty of opportunity to explore caves, villages, waterfalls and other interesting things along the way. Of course, the chef on board will feed you with the regional cuisine.

4. Mai Chau Valley, Vietnam. If the buzz in Hanoi is too much for your nerves, you can venture deeper into Vietnam by visiting Mai Chau Valley where you can rest your tired limbs while basking in the sight of rice paddies. Hoa Binh which is just 2 hours from Hanoi is home to an ethnic minority in the country and you can indulge in trekking, cycling and caving. If you are up for an adventurous trip that involves getting to know Vietnam closer, you can visit various villages or if a laid back adventure is on your mind, you can just get lazy by the pool.

5. Andaman Coast, Burma. If you are fed up of going to the beach because of the number of people who are spending their day under the sun, then you will surely welcome a trip to an unvisited beach in Burma. Mergui or Myeik which is in the southernmost part of Burma is highly unvisited except for members of the Moken tribe who generally spend their time in various islands in Myeik. This part of Burma is also a great site for people who love to go for a dive because there is an abundance of marine life in the area. Sharks, whales, rays and various marine animals are harboured in the extensive seagrass beds in the area. Indeed, this pioneer beach is one of the hidden gems for people who are looking for a one of a kind beach adventure.

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