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5 Most Fun Things to Do in Portugal | Europe Travel

Portugal has a precious past and a formidable present. People from all walks of life are always welcome here. There’s no doubt that Portugal is truly a paradise. It has sparkling blue waters and pure white sand. But there’s more! It is also the center of culture, food, and art. There are lots of stunning natural views that you can see here. Best of all, there are tons of fun things to do in Portugal. That is why it is no surprise that Portugal is one of the hottest destinations for your vacation.This is a breakdown of five of the best things to do in Portugal.You can not miss out on these when you go for a visit to Portugal.

Some people visit Portugal because they want to have an adventure. While others are just curious about the things that this country has to offer. No matter what your purpose is, you can certainly discover a lot of things in Portugal! You can either play golf, swim on their beaches, go hiking, take a wine tour, and more. It seems the list is endless, making you want to stay a bit longer. Here are the 5 most fun things to do in Portugal.

Things to Do in Portugal

5 Things to Do in Portugal

Play Golf at Algarve

It is a fact that the best place for golfing is the Algarve. Most golf tourists are quickly attracted by its sunny coastline and vast courses. It seems that there’s always a course that fits any abilities. However, Algarve is not only famous for golf, but it also offers great weather throughout the year. They also have amazing resorts and vigorous local culture. So, what are you waiting for, book your Algarve golf holidays now!

Explore the Beaches

Aside from having the best golf courses, Algarve is also well known for its stunning beaches, mysterious coves, and gorgeous waters. There is always a beach that matches your desire, whether you want to go swimming or sunbathing. There are isolated beaches with less sunlight. On the other hand, you can also find beaches which are full of sunlight. The ideal beach for fun surfing is in the southwestern part, particularly Sagres.

Take a Wine Tour

Portugal is most famous for its port wine or simply known as port. If you want to know how port is produced, then you can take a tour on the different cellars in Porto. You can even take a sample and taste some of the most popular forms of the port. The grapes that are used for making the port are grown in the Douro valley.

Enjoy Listening to Fado

Fado is the famous folk music of Portugal. It has a unique sad melody, which is much the same as the blues. Fado is a combination of various cultures. The lyrics of Fado depicts love, desire, and longing. You can listen to Fado all over Portugal. However, it is generally famous in Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal. There are two versions of Fado. The Lisbon style is the sorrowful one while the Coimbra style is more cheerful.

Discover the Marine Life at the Oceanario de Lisboa

The Oceanario de Lisboa is the biggest indoor aquarium in Europe. The aquarium has the capacity of more than five million liters of water. There are different varieties of sea creatures that you can find here including sharks, penguins, sea otters, and more. They also feature four types of marine habitats. Aside from aquatic life, they also showcase birds, mammals, and amphibians. The aquarium is a must-see for those who are traveling with their kids.

Take a Hike at Cabo da Roca

The Cabo da Roca is hailed as one of the most popular coastal trails in Europe. It is located in the western part of Portugal. While walking, you can enjoy its beautiful scenery. You will be passing cliffs, beaches, and a stylish lighthouse as you walk along.


While traveling in Portugal is recommended on foot, you have to drive long distances in order to get to the respective locations. A great way to enjoy the beauty of every location is to travel long distances at night so you can see the sunrise once you visit the vineyards or reach the beautiful coastlines. However, one thing you should make sure is that you have the best led headlight bulbs in order to travel at night as they can seriously affect your quality of vision while driving at night here mentioned below are few things you should target while in Portugal.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Portugal and a lot of stunning places to visit. We hope that this travel guide can help you in planning your visit to this wonderful country. Since Portugal is relatively small, then you can quickly discover great places nearby. Also, visiting Portugal’s islands can give you an entirely different travel experience.

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