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5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Phuket This Vacation – Thailand

Phuket has something – in fact, a lot – for everyone. The thought of vacationing in Phuket with your kids might seem unrealistic or annoying but that is simply untrue. Search out on the internet and you will find a hundred reasons to explore Phuket with your whole family. Phuket excursions offer tropical islands, theme parks, museums, water activities, historical landmarks and much more; you along with your kids will definitely have a memorable Phuket vacation.  

Things to Do with Kids in Phuket

Here is my guide for Fun Things to Do with Kids in Phuket

1. Phuket Trickeye Museum 

Phuket Trickeye Museum is an interactive 3D museum where you along with your kids can have fun photo sessions with giant paintings. The makers have used Trompe-l’oeil (French for ‘deceive the eye’) technique and housed about 100 painted and sculpted scenes. The visitors will find themselves in humorous fictitious situations for entertainment. Ride a flying carpet, tread a dilapidated bridge over the clouds, exchange blows with Mike Tyson in a fight or dodge a goliath crocodile.  

2. Splash Jungle Water Park 

Splash Jungle is situated in Mai Khao Beach with water slides and a wave pool. It is a medium-sized water park with main attractions including a 335-meter Lazy River waterside, vertical Boomerango high slide, funnel-shaped Super Bowl spinning slide, artificial wave pool – all of which are supervised by extremely professional and skilled lifeguards.  

There is a separate pool for kids called “Aqua Play” with a lot of short sliders, water games, and waterfalls. Every now and then, a monster water bucket built at the topmost area of kids’ playground will unload its content in a giant spatter.  

3. Patong Go-Kart Speedway 

All of us have at least once dream of driving our dad’s car. Make your kid’s dream come true and take him to the Patong Go-Kart Speedway. If your child is 16 years old, he can drive it himself. In case he is younger, you can get him in the back seat of a double kart. The racetrack is spread over 750m and has a progression of sharp bends, smooth curves, and a straight start and finish path to accelerate. With maximum safety and vigilant staff, the experience becomes remarkable. The racetrack is sufficiently broad showing what is to come next.  

4. The Upside Down House 

This house is exactly what the name suggests and is incredible! The mind boggling house is based inverted outside the Phuket Town on the side of the Bypass road. It will test your senses and serve many opportunities for photography. The house is named as Baan Teelanka (Thai for upside down house) and has three floors with the exact imitation of a real house but upturned. You will see a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and even a tuk-tuk to be swinging from the roof until you realize that you yourself might be standing inverted.  

5. Phuket Aquarium 

A vacation in Phuket remains incomplete until you visit the Phuket Aquarium. The place was recently remodeled with a large number of tropical, vivid, and fascinating water creatures. Children who might not have been this close and personal with such uncommon ocean life before largely appreciate this aquarium experience.  

Phuket isn’t just a honeymoon or party destination. This is a paradise for children too. The various amusement parks with themes and creative museums are worth a visit with your family.   

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