5 Family Friendly Adventures on Normandy’s Historic Beaches

No matter one’s ancestry, many of us are fascinated by the historical significance of WWII. Adults may be able to learn peacefully about the Normandy Landing beaches that capture a piece of this history.

However, if you have children, you’ll know their attention spans are far shorter than an adult’s. Therefore, when visiting the 5 beaches of D-Day (code-named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beach), you’ll need to make sure your kids are also engaged and stimulated.

We have constructed a list of 5 family-friendly adventures on Normandy’s historic beaches. Read our guide to create a travel experience that every family member can simultaneously enjoy.

Unravel Utah Beach

Utah Beach is one of the five landing beaches that the US soldiers stormed during WWII. 

Many museums pay homage to the incredible heroism of the brave individuals who contributed to a battle that changed history as we know it. The Utah Beach Museum is one of them, providing an educational experience that engages adults, teenagers, and children alike.

Book a Band of Brothers tour that visits this museum that was built as a memorial area to commemorate the liberation and consolidation of the France-American friendship.

The whole family will be captured by the vehicles, landing crafts, armaments, uniforms, archival films, rare documents, and testimonies the Utah Beach Museum presents. Keep the whole family entertained while learning about and solidifying their understanding of the Normandy landings in 1944.

The panorama of Utah Beach from this museum is a view you won’t want to miss out on. You may be able to catch a sighting of a colony of seals during low tide!

Take an Outing to Omaha Beach

Next on your list should be Pointe du Hoc near Omaha Beach. This is the ranger landing site where the Germans built one of their strongest forts in Hitler’s Atlantic Wall during WWII.

Due to the extensive aerial bombing by the Allied Forces, the cliffs are riddled with craters. These craters are incredible to witness for adults, while your kids explore them with enthusiasm and awe. 

Apart from the bomb craters, Pointe du Hoc is home to old German bunkers. You’ll be able to dive into history when you spy the real bullet holes in these bunkers. And take in the remains of the German ammunition store that served to protect the land.

Bear in mind that it’s easy to forget the basics of traveling while trying to also watch over your children. So, be careful and thorough while you prepare for a family vacation.

Galavant on Gold Beach

While educating yourself and your kids on the significant historical events of WWII, ensure you take a break for a bit of lighthearted fun. Sometimes the cultural significance can become weighty, so it’s important to take breaks in between learning.

The Asnelles Gold Beach Water Sport and Leisure Centre is the perfect place to do just that!

On the fine sand of Gold Beach, have some hard-earned family fun. Hike along the beach, and do some stand-up (or sit-down) paddle-boarding. Soak up the majestic coastline on a semi-rigid boat ride. Or attempt sea kayaking and sand yachting. All of the watersports offered are available for a range of ages and skill levels. 

During these activities, both you and your family will discover numerous species of fauna and flora. And learn about the conservation of the natural environment around you.

Jaunt to Juno Beach

When you’re ready to get back to the history of Normandy, Juno Beach should be next on your list. 

Embark on a guided tour hosted by Juno Beach Centre. Through this tour, you and your family can spend 45 minutes traipsing around Juno Park. Learn about the German defensive strongpoint built in the early 1940s. Within Juno Park, you will find remnants of this historical site.

A guided tour will give you access to a German Command Post and Observation bunker located within the park. And you’ll end your journey on the beautiful beach, being reminded of Canadian soldiers who eventually overcame these defenses in 1944.

Reviews have dubbed this experience as captivating (meaning your kids won’t become bored and rowdy). And gives individuals from all ancestries a broader perspective of the history it represents.

Stopover at Sword Beach

Make a stop at Sword Beach, the last of the 5 beaches of D-Day. Use this visit as a final celebration of peace. To honor the lives sacrificed to achieve this harmony.

Celebrate and lift your contemplative spirits with a fun game of Mini Golf at de Luc se Mer with your family members. Just remember to bring snacks, windbreakers, towels, and sunscreen wherever you go. And ensure you read up on some tips for traveling with kids.

Last Updated on July 29, 2023

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