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5 Essentials to Pack for Your Beach Trip

The beach can be a lot of fun if you remember to pack all the essentials that will keep you safe and comfy. Whether you’re the kind of person who can enjoy the beach with just a towel and a swimsuit or you’re the kind who needs extra pampering, these five items are absolutely mandatory to avoid having any regrets later. Whether you’re the kind of person who needs extra pampering for Beach Trip, these five items are mandatory to avoid having regrets. 

Beach Trip

#1: Sun Protection

I don’t care if you never get burnt and your skin gets that golden bronze tone after a few minutes in the sun (I do envy you though) – sun protection is mandatory wherever you go during summer!  

Luckily, there is a wide range of products to choose from, so it’s best to try a few before you decide on the one you like. Also, make sure you apply it correctly and re-apply it throughout the day after you’ve taken a dip or taken a shower. 

Quick tip: If you do get a sunburn (it happens) aloe vera is of great help. Also, apple cider vinegar is extremely helpful at calming down the pain and speeding up the healing process. 

#2: Colorful Beach Towels

Whether you like a chaise longue, or you enjoy laying on the hot sand, you still need something to come between your skin and the surface underneath. I recommend one or two colorful beach towels, there many great for kids tool like the one step ahead kids beach towel I reviewed a while ago, to liven the atmosphere and make going to the beach a bit more fun. 

For instance, there are some cool designer towels that come with a ton of features and are quite affordable. I like the Jil Sander towels because they have a simple design that looks amazing in the sun, and are fluffy and absorbent (to dry yourself up after cooling yourself down in the water). 

#3: The Right Swimsuit

There’s nothing more annoying than wearing an uncomfortable swimsuit or clothes at the beach! Regardless of your body shape and skin tone, a trip to the beach is a time to have fun and try amazing beach adventures, so there’s no room for feeling awkward because of your swimsuit. 

The right swimsuit is the one that makes you feel comfortable, not the one that’s trendy. Also, choose breezy fabrics that let the skin breathe and dry up fast. Overall, when it comes to beachwear, select items that fit your body shape and needs and enjoy feeling amazing even if you’re not aligned to the latest swimwear fashion trends!

#4: Waterproof Phone Case

Who doesn’t want to take pictures of the sea, the sand, or even selfies while bathed in the beautiful summer light? Still, most phones don’t get along well with water and sand, so you need to take some protection measures (like a waterproof phone case). Look for one designed for your phone specifically, to avoid any infiltration. 

#5: Water & Snacks

When you lie in the sun and play in the water all day long, it’s easy to forget about one important aspect – hydration. However, to avoid getting a heat stroke, you must keep drinking water or other hydrating beverages and keep your level of nutrients balanced. 

It’s best to avoid caffeinated beverages, sugary drinks, and alcohol since these can dehydrate you even further. Also, don’t bring any highly caloric foods to the beach – keep it light and fresh (fruits and healthy energy bars work best). 

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, it’s important to have fun when you’re going to the beach. Still, when you’re having fun, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself which can lead to dehydration and low energy. But, as long as you have these essentials, you should be doing well.

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