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5 Essential Tips for Traveling In Thailand

Thailand is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. The white sandy beaches, plush hotels, beautiful ancient temples, sumptuous Thai cuisine, the rich culture and history of Thailand, attractive Thai markets, and wildlife are just a few amongst the many other reasons why Thailand records massive tourist footfall all-round the year. After you have obtained the Thailand visa, a few things should be borne in mind while traveling in Thailand. We provide you with five tips for traveling in Thailand that will make your trip easy and full of fun.Five essential Tips for Traveling In Thailand that you should know before you get to the place.Learn all about the top travel tips.

Tips for Traveling In Thailand

1) Carry cash

When you are traveling in Thailand, make sure to carry cash instead of debit/credit cards. Most sellers, establishments, and other accommodations prefer cash rather than other forms of payment. Therefore, when you go to a restaurant or a shopping mall or the high-end clubs in Thailand, make sure you have sufficient local currency in Thailand. Even the Thai tour operators prefer cash instead of payment through a credit card. ATMs are easily and widely available in the big cities of Thailand, but if you are heading towards the far off remote islands, then it is best to carry cash with you.

2) Think twice before renting a scooter 

It is a common sight in Thailand to see tourists renting a scooter to go on a city tour. However, this may not be the correct move for you. Thailand’s terrible road conditions can cause you injury, wounds, cuts, and scrapes, especially if you are an inexperienced rider. It is better to avail of public transport or hire a cab for a full day.

3) Stay healthy

While traveling, we often forget to take good care of ourselves, like keeping yourself well hydrated or applying the sunscreen before venturing out in the heat. The rainy season in Thailand is full of mosquitoes. They not only annoy you but can make you fall sick too. Always carry a mosquito repellent cream while going out, especially in the evenings. Covering your entire body is also a good way of protecting yourself from insect and bug bites.

4) Negotiate well 

It is common to find vendors and other shop owners around Thailand’s market charging exorbitantly from the tourists. You should sharpen your skills in negotiating the price. Even availing public transport such as a tuk-tuk requires mastery in price negotiation skills. Good haggling skills can prevent you from paying extra and help you get good deals in activities, sightseeing, and accommodation.

5) Be prepared to face language problem 

Very few people in Thailand speak in English. Install translation apps on your mobile to be able to understand the basic language of Thailand. You can also get the hotel address or your food requirements written in Thai script by the hotel receptionist so that you do not face the problem of explaining later on.

Once you have the Thailand tourist visa, you can fly to Thailand, but remember to keep these tips in mind so that you can have the best time of your life in Thailand.

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