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5 Essential Items to Bring on a Hunting Trip

Though it is definitely a good thing to pack light when you are out on the hunt to not be slowed down, it is wise to bring some essentials. There are things that will make your day much easier when you pack correctly.Five pieces of gear that should always be on your packing list for going on a hunting trip.Take a look at this list of adventure hunting trip

Much like when you go camping and need to bring along things that you may not feel you need only to be glad you ended up packing it. Besides your rifle and scope, there are things you’ll pack that are better to have and not need than to need and not have.

In this article, we will go over several of those must-have items to pack when you’re on a hunting trip.

Hunting Trip

The Top 5 Things To Bring On A Hunting Trip

1 – Knife

Your knife is going to be your best friend on your hunt as long as it is a good one. One of the fixed blades from is going to come in handy for a number of jobs that you’ll be faced with.

Field dressing your kill can only be done with a knife made with a strong, sharp blade that can cut through the toughest sinew.

But, you’ll need it for more than just that. You can slash through brush with the right knife. You can cut rope or other materials and you may even need it to cut through branches to get to your kill.

2 – First aid kit

With sharp instruments and guns around, accidents are not infrequent. Not to mention that it is easy to trip and fall in some of the terrain you will find yourself in.

Be prepared for this by making sure you have a well stocked first aid kit. It should contain the basics plus a few items that you’ll be glad to have. The most obvious items are bandages and gauze. But, you’ll also want to have some antibacterial cream and sterile wipes for when you are cleaning your wound. An ice pack that activates when you twist it is also a nice thing to have for when you twist an ankle. And tweezers and scissors will definitely come in handy.

3 – Warm gear

Getting lost and stranded while hunting can happen and end up having you needing to spend the night outside. No matter how warmly you’ve dressed, you’ll need to have extra measures to not end up with hypothermia.

Make sure you have a way to make a fire with flint and stone lighters and a survival blanket that is really small but retains your body heat when opened.

4 – Flashlight

Even if you plan on hunting during the day, you should have a small flashlight with you. If you do end up stranded and spend the night outside, you’ll be glad you have it. Not to mention you may find yourself needing some extra light even during the day time.

5 – Water filter

Running out of water is not a good scenario. In the event that you have nothing to drink, you may be tempted to drink from a pond or stream. Resist the urge and instead have a pocket filter straw or a bottle that has a built in filter.

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