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5 Different Types Of Tea and Coffee Famous In The World

Coffee and tea are the most common drinks in the world. Some people cannot go a day without taking a cup of tea of coffee, even several times a day. The reason why people love coffee and tea is their ability to promote wakefulness. You can conquer late nights and early mornings by grabbing your favorite tea or coffee on the go. Did you know there are different types of tea and coffee? Here is a look the different ones available in the market.Information about the most popular Types Of Tea from around the world as well as the most popular coffee styles.Here, you will find tea types.

Types Of tea

Most Common Types of tea

While the different types of tea vary in taste and color, a fact about all teas is that they are all made from Camellia sinensis plant. The only difference between all of them is how they are processed. Besides, all tea contains caffeine. Here are five different types of tea you should know about:

1. White tea

White tea is the least processed tea. The buds of the Camellia plant are plucked, withered and then dried for use. The tea is called white tea because of the color of the budding of the plant. The tea is yellowish, and not white as most people might assume.

2. Green tea

Originally, green tea was the only type of tea produced. Green tea has quickly gained popularity in society today, even with other types of tea existing. The popularity has grown so much that today you can get matcha green tea Starbucks hassle-free. Most green teas have a grassy and earthy taste to them

3. Black tea

Black tea is a richly flavored tea, thanks to the fact that it is fully fermented. The taste is often very strong, with elements of spicy, leather, malty and oak sensations. The tea is also called red tea in some part of the world because of the color it produces. It is the most popular and most consumed type of tea in the world.

4. Blue tea – also called Oolong tea

Blue tea is a partially fermented tea. It falls between green and black tea with flavors varying depending on how dark you want your tea. The partial fermentation adds an amazing taste to the, usually, floral, fruity and sweet taste of this tea.

5. Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is the rarest of all teas. The tea is often produced in small quantities. It is processed similar to green tea. However, the process differs when the leaves of the plant are heaped together and stashed in a damp place until they turn yellow. It is also considered a sweet-tasting tea.

Types Of coffee

The Top Types of Coffee

Coffee usually differs in taste, smell and concentration. Mostly, the differences in the types of coffee are presented by the additives people add in the preparation, as well as the concentration of coffee in it. Here are five different types you may know about:

1. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is probably the most popular type of coffee in the world. The coffee is made up of three layers, that is, a shot of espresso, a layer of foamy milk as well as a shot of steamed milk. The foamy layer of milk can be served differently by people. Including adding some chocolate shavings on top.

2. Espresso

Espresso is the type of coffee that makes the basis for other coffees such as French vanilla and vanilla coffee. It is made by forcing boiling water, in high pressure, through finely-ground coffee beans. The process is not exactly an easy one to master. It is usually served in a small mug because of its high concentration. Admittedly, espresso is not coffee for everyone.

3. Café Latte

A latte is made of steamed milk and a shot of espresso. It is fairly popular among coffee lovers.

4. Long Black Coffee

A cup is filled with hot water, then two shots of espresso are added to it. It is, however, a strong coffee because of the amount of espresso added to it.

5. Flat White coffee

Very creamy milk is usually poured over a shot of espresso.

So what is it going to be? Delicious tea or a cup of coffee.

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