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5 Cruise Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

Cruising is a great holidaying option – offering every traveller a comfortable and tranquil way to visit some of the world’s finest locations in one all-inclusive trip.

Not only can you enjoy your time on the water, but you’ll have the option to explore some beautiful towns and cities when your ship stops at different ports of call.

There are so many destinations to choose from when you book a cruise holiday – some people often say there are too many! That’s why we’re going to run through 5 cruise destinations you simply shouldn’t miss.



The cold air of Antarctica probably won’t be the first place you’d think of cruising to, but it really is worth considering. Crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and fine cuisine are standard on an Antarctic cruise – but what’s really special is that you could spend time watching penguin colonies jump and swim around amidst impressive glacier cliffs. Not only this, but on certain journeys, you may be able to take part in a bit of whale watching – considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime activity that will leave you speechless.

So, if you don’t fancy tanning yourself in Caribbean heat – consider Antarctica for your cruise!


We’ve just mentioned it, so let’s talk about it… the Caribbean. This area of natural beauty is top of most people’s cruising ‘bucket list’. Relax on-board your ship as pods of dolphins play alongside the liner, then sink your feet into soft, white sand beach when the ship docks at one of the local towns.

It’s not just about the weather and scenery, though, the Caribbean is home to some of the world’s finest cuisine and drinks – so be sure to give them a try to! What’s more, after enjoying the local food, you could ride a horse down the beach, or even give snorkelling a go!


Packed with culture, Mexico is an unbeatable cruise destination.Visiting historic cities and going ‘loco in Acapulco’ is all part of the fun in Mexico. You could dive into the beautiful waters around Mexico’s award-winning beaches, or kick back and sip a cocktail as the cruise liner sails along the coast of this fantastic country.


Along with the Caribbean, Hawaii is a must-visit location for most travellers; offering a wide range of activities from kayaking to scuba diving… and of course, hula dancing! However, if you prefer laying back and enjoying the views, you’ll be sure to see some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the deck of your ship.


Finally, there’s the Mediterranean – which has to be one of the most beautiful locations to cruise around. With most countries in close proximity to each other, you can fall asleep in Spain one night, and wake up in Italy the following morning! One of the best things about a Mediterranean cruise is the cultural experience – there’s nothing quite like tasting a whole host of different foods and ways of life!

So, there you have our guide to five locations you simply can’t miss when cruising… Happy sailing!

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