Formula 1 Travel – Top 5 Countries to Visit

If you are a travel enthusiast who loves car racing, take a moment and think of traveling to a beautiful destination and experiencing a Formula1 grand prix live as it happens. You will not only get to explore yet another exciting destination but will also get to see those super-fast cars speeding through the tracks. F1 experiences are one of their kind and can hardly be matched with any other sporting event. You get to see the best racers in the world behind the wheels who will zoom at a lightning speed through the world’s most challenging yet most beautiful tracks in the world. If you wish to have this exhilarating experience on your next travel plan, add these five countries on your travel bucket list.Five of the best countries to visit if you are a formula 1 fanatic looking for some fun abroad.Take a look at this list of formula 1 travel.

Formula 1 TravelFormula 1 Travel – Top Places to Visit

1. Australia

Australia is a tourist hot spot. It is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Australia is a country surrounded by Pacific and Indian Ocean and is a home to multitude natural and man made attractions. It is a heaven for those who love to have some one on one aquatic experience with deep sea diving options at Great Barrier Reef. If you like being close to nature and wildlife, you will fall in love with Australia. Other attractions include Sydney Oprah House and other numerous attractions. Australia offers numerous shopping and options from all around the world. Australia is one of those countries that stands out in adventure sports and Grand Prix is one of those. Book your trip to Australia in March 2018 to experience the first 2018 edition of Formula1 races.

Formula 1 Travel

2. Spain

Nature, culture, food, festivals, attractions and adventure – you will find it all in Spain. Spain brings a unique blend of ancient roman and Muslim culture together. It is a dream destination for those who love art and architecture. Walk through the streets of Cordoba, experience the contemporary Spain in Madrid or drive to Ibis for some time close to nature. Spain gives you countless options that cannot be covered in one visit. If Spain is on your 2018 bucket list, plan a trip in May to catch Grand Prix de Spain in Barcelona.

3. Canada

Despite being close to the pole, Canada is a great travel destination, especially for summer travels. You will not be able to have enough of Canada if you are a fan of green meadows and lagoons with white snow capped mountains in the backdrop. The natural landscapes of Canada look like a living depiction of a scenic painting. The ever romantic Niagara Falls is a nature’s masterpiece and cannot be missed out by any travel enthusiast. Montreal is a happening urban center in Canada with various nightlife and shopping options. Montreal will also be hosting the Canadian grand prix in June 2018.

4. Singapore

Singapore is also widely known as the “city in a garden.” It is one of the most modern Asian cities and an important economic and corporate hub, yet its urbanization has managed to retain the lush green natural landscapes around the city. Attractions such as Sentosa Island and Universal Studios makes it a great family holiday spot. Singapore will be hosting the Singapore Grand Prix in September 2018.

5. United Arab Emirates

UAE has emerged as one of the most happening tourist destination in the recent past. Despite having a topography that is dominated by desert, UAE has managed to make an intelligent use of its resources and has brought the best of whole world in one place. Book your trip to Dubai in November and enjoy the views from the giant Burj Khalifa and stroll across the beautiful Marina Walk. You can catch Grand Prix Abu Dhabi in November at Yas Waterworld at just an hour’s drive.

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Formula 1 Travel

Last Updated on July 14, 2023

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