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5 Common Causes for Car Accidents to Keep an Eye Out For

Most people around the world are accustomed to driving and have been hitting the open road for a number of years. After all this time has passed, it’s easy to forget the dangers that exist out on the road which were discussed during the initial training for a license. Car accidents are extremely common around the world, though, which is why learning the common causes is so important. 

Those who can identify if a car accident is about to occur can take evasive action to ideally prevent an accident. Learn everything there is to know about car accidents, including what to do if one occurs, in order to be a safer driver on the road. 

How Common Are Car Accidents?

It’s one thing to hear about car accidents occurring on the news and it’s another thing entirely to read about the statistics on it. On a daily basis, nearly 3,700 people are killed in crashes that involve buses, cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, and more. This equates to well over a million people killed on roadways on a yearly basis, which goes to show just how dangerous the roads around the world are. 

5 Common Causes for Car Accidents

One of the best ways to stop an accident from occurring in the first place is to notice the signs that an accident may be about to occur. Below are five of the top causes for car accidents both in the United States and around the world: 

  1. Drivers disobeying rules of the road

Naturally, one of the biggest causes for car accidents is simply drivers who are violating the rules of the road. Whether it be running a stop sign, speeding, driving recklessly, blowing through a red light, or something similar, disobeying the rules of the road is dangerous and can lead to serious consequences. 

  1. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Another major cause of car accidents on the road is drivers using drugs or drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. Both of these actions can affect the judgment of a driver when it comes to their decision making, along with generally impairing a driver. No driver should ever be behind the wheel if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

  1. Driving while distracted by something

In the modern day, technology has given the world many gifts, but it is a curse in many circumstances as well. One of the leading causes for distracted driving on roadways is the use of a smartphone or similar device. Rather than focusing on your phone while on the road, handle all of your business prior to ever getting on the road. 

  1. Poor weather conditions out on the road

Accidents don’t just happen due to poorly designed intersections on the road or because of distracted driving. Bad weather is another major cause for accidents globally as people are not familiar with driving in different weather conditions. When these conditions suddenly occur while the person is driving, though, they are forced to adapt, and this sometimes leads to accidents. 

  1. Road hazards suddenly forcing a driver to take action

Finally, road hazards that appear are another major cause of accidents on global roadways. Whether it be a sudden spot of traffic or something in the roadways itself, it’s important to give yourself enough reaction time as a driver so that you can respond accordingly to these hazards. Aim to scan the road at least twelve seconds ahead of you to give yourself the best chance at having time to react. 

Tips to Follow After a Car Accident Happens

In some cases, an accident is unavoidable and will occur. Should this happen, it’s crucial that you know how to respond so that you and the other driver(s) involved remain safe. Below are a few general tips to keep in mind after your next accident:

  • Get all vehicles involved out of the roadway as soon as possible
  • Report the accident to the authorities in case there is debris in the road that needs to be cleaned up
  • Trade information with the other driver including your license and insurance information
  • Take photos of any damage to the vehicles as proof in case the other driver attempts to claim you caused more damage

Stay safe on the open road

Keeping yourself and others safe on the road is your duty as a driver. Getting behind the wheel of a car is a major responsibility that should not be taken lightly, which means every driver always needs to refresh themselves on the common causes for car accidents. To avoid a crash, learn to spot the above signs of an impending wreck. In the event an accident does occur, take appropriate action to handle the situation amicably and legally.

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