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5 Bucket List Attractions in Liverpool – UK Travel

Once upon a time, it was named as the European Capital of Culture, and since then it would be fair to say that Liverpool’s tourism appeal has gone from strength to strength. It might be in the opposite side of the seemingly go-to UK destination of London, but that doesn’t mean to say that tourist figures are down.Five of the best places to visit while traveling in Liverpool.Take a look at this list of attractions in Liverpool during UK travel.

On the contrary, in this regard, Liverpool is soaring. The city is continuously doing more to attract visitors from afar, and one only has to take a look at the great hotels in Liverpool to see this at a glance.

Attractions in Liverpool

Following on from the above, let’s take a look at five attractions you simply must visit if you are planning a trip to Liverpool.

Albert Dock

On the face of things, this might just be “another dock” – which are pretty common in the UK.

However, when you delve into the history of Albert Dock, all starts to become clear. This is a World Heritage Site, which speaks volumes, while you won’t find anywhere else in the country which has more Grade I listed buildings (for those unaware, these are immensely historic buildings). It has plenty of places to eat, see, play and drink – all housed in stunning architecture. You can get to the Albert Dock via the City Explorer bus, one of the best Liverpool city tours.

Tate Liverpool

Most UK tourists have heard of the Tate, but will quite often find themselves venturing to the one in London (and it’s for a good reason).

Something which is a little out of the ordinary comes in the form of Tate Liverpool. As the name suggests, this does have links with the London alternative but is still its own modern art gallery. There have been some world-renowned exhibitions held here, and for those art enthusiasts donning the city, this can be a pleasant surprise.

Radio City Tower

For those of you wanting to get that elusive panoramic shot of Liverpool, look no further than Radio City Tower. Sure, this isn’t going to be the largest tower that you venture up, but at 400 feet high it’s certainly tall and can provide fantastic views. These views can span as far as Wales – meaning that you can literally see all the way through to another country!

The Beatles Story

Something Liverpool is perhaps more widely known for is its links with the Beatles. It was here where the iconic band grew up, and the Beatles Story is an exhibition that looks to show you this in its full scale. It starts from the beginning, going right through to when some of them branched solo, and of course when some of them passed away.

The Cavern Club

Staying on the topic of the Beatles, anyone who is truly interested in their story should continue from the exhibition and head to the Cavern Club.

This is an unofficial extension of the exhibition so to speak; after all, the Cavern Club is where the band really made their name. While this might not be the original one, it still houses plenty of memorabilia and is widely associated with the Beatles.

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