5 Best Places to Visit in Japan

When I were to be asked what I would do if I were granted vacations with a ton of cash in my hands, I would always reply with traveling places to visit in japan. This activity not only allows you to refresh your mind but also provides fuel to your body to stay fit. Visiting a place that is rich in culture and traditions can help you to connect with your roots and will provide good value for the money you spent. Such a destination can be Japan! I can tell you from my time there that it is a place where you can get both relaxation and excellent sightseeing.  This country provides locations that are futuristic and also those that are 1,000 years behind.Places to visit in Japan including places to visit and things to do in this amazing Asian country.Learn all about the Asia Travel.

places to visit in japan

Make sure to check if you need a Japan VISA or you reside in a country whose residents can visit this nation visa-free. Secondly, you’ll need to book a cheap ticket. Third, you’ll have to search for the best destinations to visit in Japan to spend a good time in a few days. But you can skip this step as below listed are some of the best places to visit in this country, so why wait? Read on!

Places to visit in Japan:  Tokyo

Everybody wants to explore this city and might have already in their imaginations. This place is filled with innovative architectures and streets bursting with neon signs making it look like a city of the future. It consists of many extraordinary skyscrapers. Not only that, but Tokyo is a land of rich traditional monuments like the Meiji shrine and other similar destinations. There are endless places that you can visit in Tokyo like its Disneyland and the famous Tokyo Tower. Be sure to plan your trip ahead not to miss any of these attractions as we did on our trip.

Places to visit in Japan: Hiroshima

You might have the perception of this place as resentful and disturbed due to its bombardment with an atomic bomb in the second world war. It is not so, as it has long been developed into a welcoming city with many sites to visit for peace of mind. With its establishment of tourist destination consisting of a peace park and peace museum, several travelers have made this their vacation point. Moreover, its extravagant and humble local eateries will want you to stay there for good.

Places to visit in Japan: Kyoto

If you want to go to Japan to view its traditional landscapes, then Kyoto is the place for you. Ancient shrines and palaces rule this place and are the most unmissable in the whole of Japan. Its temples aging 1000 years back are the best way to connect to nature and pray for your wishes to come true. When you’re in Kyoto, you cannot leave out the most popular Fushimi Inari Shrine.


When you feel like you’re done with visiting busy streets and peaceful temples, you may need a bit of a party scene to go to in Japan. This is where the beaches of Ishigaki come in. It consists of many exotic islands you can visit for viewing some of nature’s fine creations. You can do a lot on this beachy place with water activities including snorkeling. This is the place where you can spend time relaxing and sipping exotic drinks on beaches while enjoying several beach parties at night.



Want to visit a town that is not only peaceful but a quiet and relaxed destination to let you revive from stress and have time to connect with yourself? Takayama is best to visit for these purposes as this is a truly beautiful and relaxing site that is also the least crowded than most tourist destinations. You can see colorful cute little houses and people living in rural settings. There were views that we thought very well depicted a scene of a manga’s including a long red bridge residing over a flowing river with cherry blossom trees hovering over it.

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

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