5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books

A guidebook is one of those travel accessories that you can’t travel without, especially if you are visiting a country that is new to you. Granted, there is a lot of information on the internet. But getting a physical or electronic version of these can be very beneficial for you.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit, it has tons of stuff to do and lots of places to visit. But being a country with such amount of attractions how do you know what to do, what are the best places to visit where to stay and many more questions all of us travelers get.

Here is where a guidebook becomes important. Plus, you might not always have a reliable internet source to investigate while traveling. There are many guidebooks for Costa Rica out there, but for me, these are the best:

5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books

5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books

1. Lonely Planet

5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books - Lonely Planet

This is a great guidebook and very complete too. It is no surprise that it is also one of the most popular ones. In it, you will find facts about this wonderful country, including some history and culture. This guide is broken up into regions and includes a wildlife guide along with a green guide.

Some of the things it offers are detailed maps of the country, itineraries for different kinds of travelers, great suggestions on where to stay in Costa Rica, and interviews along with some collaborations with locals.

2. Fodor’s

This is a guidebook filled with beautiful pictures of Costa Rican country. In it, you will find a wonderful section that will give you helpful advice for planning a vacation, marriage or honeymoon in this fantastic country. It also has a section where you can find information about the different landscapes, so you get an idea of which are the places that you would like to visit.

There is also a highlight section where you can find the best things to do in Costa Rica such as canopy tours, turtle-nesting tours, and bird-watching along with colorful maps.

3. Frommer’s

This guidebook has lots of useful information about this beautiful country, some facts and the most popular places to visit. There is a selection of great luxury and mid-range hotels as well as some eco-lodges and bed and breakfasts. There is even a section with suggested itineraries.

Some other things you will find in it are some suggestions for restaurants, tours, events, and best traveling attractions. And of course maps.

4. Moon Guide


This is another great and complete guide for Costa Rica. This guide is broken down in many chapters, one for each Costa Rican Region and some with other useful information.

First, there is a section where you can find out what the best activities and places in Costa Rica are. You will also get some information about customs, food, and currency along with the much-needed health and safety information.

And at the bottom, there is what I consider to be the best resource a traveler could have when traveling to a new country, a phrasebook.

5. Rough Guide


Last but not least the Rough Guide to Costa Rica is a guidebook full of pictures and color. It has a very useful highlight section with beautiful pictures of sunsets, boat rides, and local towns. In it, you will find information about Costa Rican culture, politics, and wildlife along with some tips.

There are also some great suggestions about the best accommodations, restaurants, bars, and transportation. Any guidebook would not be complete without maps.

These are in my experience the most complete and accurate Costa Rica Travel Guide Books. Have you used another one that you can recommend?

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5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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