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5 Best Countries To Visit For Food Lovers

Over the years, the meaning of travel has changed. People no longer explore exotic locations just for the sake of sightseeing; they want to learn the language, relish the flavors, and live in the places they visit. No doubt, the growth of the international food industry has seen a booming trend, which is comparable with the growth of global tourism. If you are a food buff, there are some destinations that deserve to be on the top of your bucket list. Here are some international that you must check out to satiate your appetite for the best they have to offer for your taste buds. Five of the best destinations for food lovers from around the world that you will definitely go to. Find info about Destinations for Food Lovers.  

Destinations for Food Lovers


When it comes to tasting some of the finest delicacies, Peru is the country that definitely makes it to the top. The country offers an abundance of fresh, locally-sourced meats and seafood that are cooked to create treats for the foodies. The multicultural population, with the locals and the immigrant Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and more, together make a thriving food scene that combines the best of the world’s flavors.  


Switzerland is acclaimed for its Swiss chocolates and cheese, but has much more to offer. Some of the best things that food enthusiasts can do here are to tour the Lindt factory, take the chocolate train, try the classic fondue and taste the spicy local cheese of the northeastern Appenzeller region. Other dishes that are worth mentioning are Züri-Geschnetzeltes, a Zurich-style dish made with minced meat, and bircher muesli, a breakfast dish that packs great taste and good health. 


Ireland is not just about the lovely locales and friendly people, but amazing food too. The food specialties that are a must-try include meat and seafood, bread and cheese, and potatoes and butter. The quality of local foods and modern preparation techniques along with the expertise of the Irish chefs make the country a must-visit destination for people who enjoy food as much as they love to travel.  

Sri Lanka  

If your taste in food is unconventional, Sri Lanka is the right destination for you. The small island country has diverse cultures, flora, and fauna, which reflect in its unusual cuisine. You can savor rice with spicy curries that remind you of South Indian cuisine. Coconut and fish are the staple ingredients and the best dishes include milk rice, fried sweets made of rice flour, coconut, sesame seeds, jaggery and cashews, and mallum, a salad made with fish, onions, local green, coconut, and chili.  


Another food capital of the world is Burma, which showcases the influences of the bordering countries like Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, and Thailand in its culture and food. Even though the ingredients are often confused as Indian, Thai, or Vietnamese by the Western tourist, Burmese cuisine has a distinctive flavor of its own that promises to stay on your tongue and mind for a long. Just hop down from your flight and take Airport transfers directly to the local food market before. Try some simmering delicacies before settling down in your hotel room because you cannot have just enough Burmese food!  

If you are a traveler by heart and love food as well, these are a few countries that you cannot afford to miss. Carry your food journal along so that you can bring home some amazing recipes along with the lovely memories of the holiday.  

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