5 Best Classic Vehicles to Take With You for an Adventure

Classic cars can last a lifetime, and it’s not every day you get to see them on the road. People will surely take a good look once they see one. They’re of high value. They’re an investment; the more they age, the more expensive they get. Also, they’re durable as they’re able to withstand all harsh conditions despite the years that passed. They can also be great for road trips with your family and friends.  

ESPOT, SPAIN-SEPTEMBER 5, 2020: Land Rover Defender 110 Station wagon standing on a mountain road
ESPOT, SPAIN-SEPTEMBER 5, 2020: Land Rover Defender 110 Station wagon standing on a mountain road

Here are some classic vehicles you can take with you for an adventure:

  1. Classic Heritage Custom Defender Series IIA With Air Suspension  

The classic defender looks great and unique, and it’s not like the typical cars you see on the road. Moreover, this is the perfect car for adrenaline junkies, or people fond of mountain climbing and camping out. This is suitable for off-road trips to the mountains. You can have it customized, depending on how and where you’re going to use it. You may add or remove the roof, air suspension, lights, etc.  


It gives you additional traction to change to a four-wheel drive, which is important for different weather conditions. Furthermore, you can take out the back part roofing should you need space to transport large types of equipment. Also, you can easily switch up the entire look of the vehicle by altering the interior and exterior.  


Car insurance could be expensive because drivers are prone to accidents while on the road or uphill. The back seats, or second row, don’t have enough legroom. But, if you’ll have them customized, they can be adjusted. You can also remove them if you want to add cabinets for storage. 

Check out this video for more information on the classic defender: 

  1. 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara 

If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, you may have noticed the vehicle they used. A 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara was produced around 1987 to 1995 with a square headlight similar to the same Jeep in the Jurassic Park movie. You can take this to the beach, campsite, mountains—basically anywhere.   


The doors and roof can easily come off. Also, you can take this on mountain trails without any problem. Moreover, you can resell this and get a fair profit from it. People will still buy it even after so many years.   


The restoration can be expensive. You might not get the same crash protection for a used Jeep Wrangler. It might not have the updated safety features compared to a newer model.   

  1. Volkswagen Type 2 

You’ve probably seen this on television, vlogs, or music videos. It comes in different colors. The Volkswagen Type 2 was used to transport people and goods after World War II. This van is a good option if you wish to go on a road trip or if you want to go to the beach. And, for others, they’d convert this into a camping van where they put a makeshift bed, table, an air-conditioning unit, and more.  


You’ll have enough room for your things: coolers, tents, surfboards, and the like. Also, you can take this van if you plan on travelling with your family or friends.  


It’s important to know that this vehicle isn’t built for speed. Thus, it’s suitable for those people who wish to enjoy their time on the road. Additionally, you can’t take this up the mountains. 

  1. BMW 3.0 CSL 

If your preferred type of adventure involves car racing, then this vehicle is for you. The BMW 3.0 CSL was often the winning car during the race in the 70s. The manufacturer used thinner steel to build the car, which makes it suitable for road use. It’s also the first BMV art car, and several artists started painting on them. 


This car is very hard to come by as it’s one of the rarest classic cars. If you have one, you’d be lucky as you could be looking at a large profit should you decide to resell it.


The maintenance cost can be expensive. Some car parts may be difficult to find. 

  1. Mercedes Benz 300TD

The Mercedes Benz 300TD was previously used as a taxi due to its high mileage. You may find people still using this in some parts of the world. This car comes with safety features and gives you the utmost comfort. Thus, making it a suitable vehicle for long drives to the beach with family and friends.  


It’s durable and comes with safety features. It’s like an investment piece because the value increases over time. 


Its repair can be expensive. This car is noisy and heavy. Also, it could run slow and is not eco-friendly. Moreover, it requires a lot of gas as it can easily burn fuel.


If you love to travel in style, classic cars are for you. They’re perfect for your family trip to the beach or uphill. It all depends on how you care for these vintage pieces; keep in mind restoration can be pricey as parts may no longer be available. Thus, you may consider getting your vehicle customized to fit your needs, style, and personality.

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

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