5 Of the Best Bonding Outings for Co-Workers

Team building or bonding is something that is often overlooked but is actually an essential part of any business. Research shows that a team that bonds will be more productive and more pro-active at solving issues. Different things to do and places to visit for an amazing Team building experience.Here you will learn about Bonding Outings for Co-Workers.

Unfortunately, many people simply cringe at the thought of team building. That’s why it is so important to find the right activities that will help your team to bond and not think of excuses. 

Bonding Outings for Co-Workers

5 Of the Best Bonding Outings for Co-Workers

1. Get The Professionals Involved 

The simplest and most effective way to create a bonding experience for your co-workers is to use a professional firm that offers team building events. These can range from running races to traditional games. 

All the experiences are guaranteed to be fun and memorable; allowing your team a chance to bond properly. 

2. Meals 

This is incredibly simple to organize; all you need to do is pick a venue that offers a broad menu and then subsidize the cost of the meal; or pay for it completely. You find that the team is much more eager to come if they are getting something for nothing! 

With a little (but not too much) alcohol, team members that don’t usually talk to each other will interact. This can be facilitated by arranging the seating plan yourself; you can deliberately sit colleagues together that don’t have the opportunity to talk in the workplace. 

3. Volunteering 

It may seem like an unusual bonding activity but volunteering can actually be a very effective bonding experience.  

You can choose the venue to volunteer in and make sure there is a reward at the end for all those who actively participate. Throw in a little competition and you’ll find the team starts to use each other’s strengths and weaknesses against them. In the process they’ll learn more about each other and really bond.

4. Scavenger Hunts 

These are a great idea for getting all your team members involved and allowing them to contribute in the way they feel most comfortable. You may even establish who the most likely leaders are for future reference. 

It can also be a good idea to split your team into smaller teams and then select a team leader for the event. Choose someone who doesn’t normally lead to see how they will cope and how well the others will support them. You may be surprised by the results. 

Everyone will be able to contribute to finding the prize and this will help them all to enjoy the event. 

5. Escape Rooms 

In a similar vein you can try locking your team into one of the escape rooms. These are specially designed so that you have to solve a series of clues before you can leave. There is also a time limit. 

Again you’ll be encouraging the team members to discover each other’s strengths and bond as they find a solution to the issue. 

If you have a large team you can always split them to add a little competition; it is sure to make the experience more memorable. 

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

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