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5 Benefits of Airport Transfers

Most travelers I know prefer renting a car for their transportation whenever they get to a new destination. In all honesty, I usually do too.However there are some things I don’t like about picking it up right after landing. Instead, I prefer waiting to pick it up until the next day. In my eyes, there are many benefits to doing this, following are my five favorites.Why I love taking airport transfers whenever my family and I travel.Check out this article to learn benefits of airport transfers.

Airport Transfers

5 Reasons to get Airport Transfers

1. No lines – The last thing that I want right after I land at my chosen destination is to have to make a line to get my car. All I want is to get to my hotel room, take a shower and get some tasty food.

2.Time to rest – another thing that I don’t want to have to do right after landing is driving. Especially when I don’t even know exactly how to get to my hotel.

3. Avoid paperwork – There is a third thing that I don’t want to have to do, at least not after having a meal and showering and that is filling tons of forms before I even get to see the car keys.

4. No fuel cost – When you pay for private airport transfer services, you just need to pay for that and you don’t have to worry about the fuel cost, toll taxes, etc.

5. Stay safe – Companies that offer airport transfers usually do a good background check on their drivers and make sure they are professional. This allows you to stay safer than you would if you were to pick just a random taxi parked outside of the airport.

BONUS: If you are traveling to a large city such a Hong Kong, navigating and sitting in traffic can be extremely confusing, annoying and downright dreadful. So getting an airport transfer in Hong Kong or another large city can also help you improve your vacation.

These are basically the reasons why I use a combination of airport transfers and car rentals whenever I travel. Which transportation form is your favorite?

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