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5 Of the Most Amazing Luxury Hotels in Africa To Visit

Africa is a gorgeous continent with ecosystems and cultures that are exceedingly diverse and exquisite. Everyone on Earth should consider taking a trip to Africa to broaden their horizons and experience a world entirely different from their own.Five of the top hotels that you can visit while traveling along Africa.Take a look at this article about most amazing luxury hotels in Africa.  

When traveling to Africa, why not do it in luxury and comfort? If roughing it is not really your thing, then consider residing in one of these 5-star hotels during your stay. Each offers its own style, flare, and ambiance, but they all offer superb service, amenities, and experiences. 

Most Amazing Luxury Hotels in Africa To Visit

1. The Oyster Box 

Located in South Africa, The Oyster Box is just outside Durban and offers unbeatable ocean views. With exemplary service, the Oyster Box knows how to make every guest feel welcome and comfortable. The high-class bar, spa, and Oceanside pool and lounge area make this place more of a resort than a mere hotel. Employees here work hard to make sure every guest feels special and has an unforgettable experience.  

2. Victoria Falls Hotel 

This hotel overlooks one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls. This waterfall is 108 meters tall and a mind-boggling 1688 meters wide. The native tribe in the area, the Kololo, originally called it “the smoke that thunders.” This global landmark is a must-see for any African traveler.  

Operating for over 100 years, the Victoria Falls Hotel exudes old-world charm that is unprecedented by any other hotel in Zimbabwe. Even though it is old, it was just refurbished five years ago, so it can offer modern travelers all the comforts they would expect from a world-class hotel. The Victoria Falls Hotel will not disappoint anyone looking for a unique experience.  

3. Kapama Buffalo Camp 

Kapama Buffalo Camp is the place to be if you are an animal enthusiast. Located on a game reserve, this camp offers impressive access to animals that you cannot find anywhere else in South Africa. Guests have reported being able to witness everything from impalas and elephants to hippos and lions.  

Do not let the word “camp” fool you. This camping experience will definitely be the most luxurious you have ever seen. Everyone who stays here says they wish they had time to stay longer because it truly is the experience of a lifetime.  

4. Riad Kheirredine 

This Moroccan getaway offers impeccable services that allow guests to relax from the moment they arrive to the moment they inevitably have to leave. The food gives guests a wonderful introduction to all the spice and flare that Moroccan culture has to offer. The rooftop bar offers unprecedented views of the city. The spa is also exquisite. If you want to truly get away from it all, then you need to stay at Riad Kheirredine.  

 5. The Oberoi, Mauritius 

Mauritius is a small island east of Madagascar that is home to the incredible Oberoi. The Oberoi offers amazing ocean views and provides the perfect place to relax. The Oberoi is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination because a gorgeous ocean sunset is the perfect backdrop to any love story. If you enjoy white sandy beaches coupled with exquisite food and exceptional service, then you cannot go wrong with a stay at the Oberoi.  

When you ask people, what is something that they want to do in their lifetimes, one of the most common answers is travel the world. Many people do not list Africa as one of the places they want to visit most; however, the continent is so diverse that there truly is something for everyone. Hopefully, this list opened your eyes to the wonderful accommodations that Africa has to offer.  

If taking a trip to Africa is on your bucket list, then you should definitely incorporate these hotels into your travel plan. Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith and do something completely unexpected because that is when you will make the best memories. Consider journeying to Africa today because adventure awaits!  

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