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5 Activities for a Video Chat with your Family

Video Chats: Why Are They Important?

The global pandemic has changed the lives of people in different ways. One such example can be given: family members were separated and had to forget about real communication for a while. The mental health of numerous people was at risk since everybody needs to stay connected.

This is where video chats come into assistance. They give pleasure by themselves. For example, during the Omegle video call, you can talk to and meet cool people. After the COVID-19 appeared, the value of video chat increased. Nowadays, users make use of video chat not only for roulette chat girls but also with family relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

man on a video call while doing origami

Video chats are in great demand and by utilizing different video chat platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. you can be satisfied by interacting with your relatives. No matter how far you are from your loved ones, all you need to have is a good Internet connection, a video conferencing platform, and any type of device. You can start communicating within several clicks and conversations will be sincere so you will not notice the distance between your family members.

Fun Things to Do over Video Call

Until you have the opportunity to talk to live girls, boys, relatives, and colleagues, you can make use of video chats. You can start either a free random video chat with strangers or connect to your family members and discuss the latest news. In order to make sure everybody is in a good mood, you should make your video chats fun. There is nothing more pleasant than to see your beloved ones smiling and laughing. Thus, if you plan to have a video chat with your family, we have a list of activities with the help of which everybody will enjoy spending time online for sure.

Watch Movies

Even if you are not a movie lover, we are sure, you probably visited cinemas with your family at least once a month. For some people, it was like a tradition to watch movies every weekend. But then the global pandemic made its adjustments. But what if we say that you can still enjoy viewing different films without leaving your home. For example, Netflix possesses a Google Chrome extension. It enables you and your relatives to watch a movie at the same time. With the assistance of this function, you have the opportunity to share your reactions in a chat room, pause a movie for a while in order to restock tasty popcorn, etc.

Play a Game

Playing games is a good way to diversify a video chat with family after hard-working or learning days. There are many games to play over the phone that will make you happy and relaxed. If all of your relatives have the same tabletop game, you can enjoy playing such games as Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, Headbandz, GuessWho?, and Battleship. Moreover, there are a lot of app games available for playing on one device and video chatting on another. Among such games are Draw Something and Words with Friends.

Also, let’s not forget about the famous Charades game that is perfect for video chatting. In order to play card games, you should create a room on the Playing Cards website. There you can invite your family members and play such games as Crazy 8s, Memory, Go Fish, and Checkers. With the help of gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, you can play multiplayer virtual games with your relatives. The most popular games are considered Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox.


Storytime is a good opportunity to relax during a video call. Do not think that this activity is suitable for grandmother or grandfather only. Everybody in your family can read an interesting book, hold it to the camera in order to show off pictures or photos. During a single video chat, you can switch roles and tell a story in turn. You can select a book by yourself or ask your relatives to do this. Because of social distancing, it can be challenging not to see your beloved ones. Still, with help of storytime, you can enjoy listening to the voices of each other. This is pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Cook and Have a Meal Together

There is no doubt your family has a list of interesting recipes and favorite dishes. Thus, why do not you cook one of these dishes during a video call activity? For example, your grandmother or grandfather can teach you how to cook a particular dish and tell a story about where the recipe came from.

After dishes are cooked, you can set your device on the table and enjoy a family meal altogether despite the distance. Some of your relatives can make a toast, then you lift your glasses, and proceed to the meal. After you finish your meal, you can conduct a normal conversation in a comfortable environment and share your day. You will be absorbed in conversation and have a representation that all your family is in one room.

Conduct a Science Experiment

Some things to do on a call can be dangerous. If you plan to carry out a science experiment, make sure it is completely safe. In order not to put yourself nor your family members at, you can conduct a delicious science experiment. For example, have you ever tried to make homemade ice cream? This activity is similar to cooking together during a video chat. The only distinction is that both you and your relatives will cook a particular deliciousness for the first time.

For making homemade ice cream in a bag, make sure all supplies are gathered before the beginning of the video call. Ask your relatives to prepare salt, ice, and heavy whipping cream. Different additives such as sprinkles and chocolate chips can be utilized after making a tasty treat. In order to make your deliciousness even better, you can utilize flavored extracts. During a video call, you can organize a competition on who will make ice cream first. After that, you can take photos of prepared tasty treats and share them on social media.


Luckily, people can stay in touch with their beloved ones with the assistance of video conferencing platforms. Whether you decide to conduct a female video chat or gather your entire family, video calls make communication easier and enable you to chat with relatives despite long distances. Playing different games and being engaged in interesting activities can not only help you to laugh but also strengthen your bond with family members. Trying one of the mentioned activities will make you forget you’re a thousand miles away from your relatives.

These fun things to do over a video call are easy to play and you should remember that no matter the lockdown, love for your family is stronger and can still exist no matter the distance between you.

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