48 Hours in Tikal Peten, Guatemala: What To Do and Places to See


tikal mayan ruins

Today we’re going to be talking about 48 hours in Tikal and the Peten region of Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

First Day – 24 Hours

So you’ve got 48 hours in the Tikal Peten-Flores region. What are you going to do?


So normally the way people arrive in that region is either by flight, which arrives early in the morning, around seven in the morning, or they take an overnight bus from either Guatemala City or Antigua.

Or if you are driving, we’ll still begin the itinerary as if you are starting in the morning. So normally you will be getting in pretty early in the morning.

Head to Flores

If you have two full days, I recommend spending your first day going first to Flores, and most definitely staying in Flores or enjoying Flores because it is such a cute little town. It is super adorable and it has amazing restaurants like La Danta.

You could go and explore it and walk it within probably less than an hour, have breakfast there or have lunch there.

flores guatemala

Take a Boat Ride to El Remate

For the second part of the day, because Flores is right on the lake, you could either take a boat over to El Remate or take a shuttle or a bus or a taxi to bring you to El Remate. And I actually would recommend spending the night in El Remate which is right along the lake as well, but it is on the other end of the lake, which makes it crystal clear blue. It’s just a super serene place.

It’s an absolutely magnificent place. And the hotels that are right on the lake, and they’re really beautiful. Some of them are higher class, others not so much. It will depend on your budget and everything for your budget.

el remate Peten Department in Guatemala

Second Day – 24 Hours

The cool thing about El Remate is that it’s closer to Tikal, and then you could then the following morning get to Tikal as early as possible.

Why as early as possible? For several reasons

Number one, this is a great fact about Tikal, it gets crazy hot, so if you’re there early enough, you can beat the heat.

Secondly, the majority of the animals come out earlier in the morning because they hate the sun, so you have a higher chance of seeing the animals.

view of the trees and top of mayan piramids in tikal guatemala

Do a Tikal Tour

I would really recommend a guide for Tikal simply because you will learn so much more, you’ll know what to look for. Tikal is an enormous, enormous park. This way you really get to see and learn a lot more and really get a lot more out of it. And they’re also trained guides to spot Guatemalan wildlife, so if you’re not able to see them, they will certainly point out the wildlife.

Mayan piramid in tikal guatemala

Head to Flores or El Remate

Then after, you will have another good afternoon free. I would recommend hanging out in the park a little. There’s a place for you to eat and then return to Flores, or if you want to go back to El Remate which also has a little town where you could walk around and enjoy that area. So this way you are not like running all over the place if you’re only there for 24 hours. This way you get to really enjoy the place and visit the three really cool spots because they are quite different and get a really good flavor of the Peten northern region of Guatemala.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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