48 Hours in Manual Antonio: Things to Do and Places to Visit


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Today we’re going to be talking about 48 hours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. So here you are in Manuel Antonio. You’ve got 48 hours. What are you going to do?

First and foremost, what everybody more or less does is goes to the National Park. It’s literally called Manuel Antonio National Park. I have an entire podcast for that particular park because there are quite a few things that you do need to know, like the ins and outs and the knows and hows whatnot I really recommend going to listen to it so that you are prepared when you do get there and avoid some scams and all those other good things.

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2 Days in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Head to the National Park

Normally, Manuel Antonio National Park takes up about 3 hours. If you really want to go and stay even more at the beaches, I don’t think you’ll stay more than 3 hours, simply because you’re not allowed to bring anything in there. You can’t really do too much.

manuel antonio sign costa rica

Beach Time

If you’re going to have beach time, I would most likely recommend going to another beach. Some hotels have private beach access and there’s also a public beach. So focus more on that. So let’s say you’ve got 3 hours at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Check Out Quepos

Then there is this entire area from National Park all the way to Quepos is the main road.

It’s literally the only real road there, and the majority of the hotels are along that road. The majority of the restaurants are along that road. So after that, you can go and have lunch. You can go and have a Costa Rican style coffee, or you could go all the way into Quepos. Which is the main town. There’s a lot more local stuff there. Just kind of cool to walk around and check out what the locals are doing. They have lunch there. They also have this really pretty marina. It is right on the ocean and you can get more of a local feel.

Even though a lot of people think Manuel Antonio has really developed, it’s still really low-key, and it’s not as developed as anything that you could imagine. So it’s kind of cool. And Quepos totally still has the local feel to it.

woman on a wooden bridge in manuel antonio national park

Do a Canopy Tour

In the afternoon, there are several things that you can do. You can go on canopy tours, so I would really recommend going and doing a canopy tour.

That is something that is a must if you are going to be doing it in another part of the country. Let’s say La Fortuna. And I have an entire episode of La Fortuna. I would really recommend it more there because that’s what it is more known for, Manuel Antonio is more for the water sports, more like ocean water sports.

Water Activities

It’s a great place to learn surfing in Costa Rica. It’s definitely more beginner-style, which is great. They do have some more advanced things you could do. Or if you want to rent a wave runner or a jet ski, that’s something else you could do in the afternoon.

Manuel Antonio again, leaving the cool ocean, things like the catamaran or doing a sunset sail, those are really cool and they are more unique to Manuel Antonio.

high view of manuel antonio national park beach and trees


So the other thing you could do is rafting, which is a really popular thing to do in Costa Rica. However, if you are in La Fortuna or another area where rafting is much more accessible, I recommend doing it there.

ATV Tours

A lot of people also really enjoy doing ATV tours. So even though it sounds like it could be quite a lot, a lot of these tours are only about three to 4 hours, so you’ll still have the afternoon and then the evening to catch the sunset and go out to dinner.

So that is a really nice 48 hours. Itinerary that you still get to rest enough and enjoy doing some of the cool activities that are local to the area.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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