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48 Hours in Lake Atitlan: Things to Do, Places to Visit and More


48 Hours in Lake Atitlan: Things to Do, Places to Visit and More

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So, you’ve got 48 hours in Lake Atitlan, what are you going to do with that? So Lake Atitlan is really common, and two days is more than enough time. The majority of people usually only have one full day there. Today we’re going to be talking about 48h in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

I actually have a really cool episode on 24 hours in Lake Atitlan. So make sure to go and check it out there.

48 Hours in Lake Atitlan

If you’re going to have 48 hours in Lake Atitlan, normally everybody arrives in Panajachel and that’s usually the main place they end up staying unless you are staying in another town. So then you would either take a private boat or usually if you’re staying overnight, a colectivo, which is a shared local boat that is a lot cheaper, and it will take you to the town that you are staying in, which is usually either San Marcos, Santiago Atitlan or San Pedro. Those are the main towns other than Panajachel.

Take a Boat and Visit Atitlan Villages

So when you arrive there, and you have a car, usually you are brought by another shuttle. They will bring you right to the pier. It’s super easy to find. Or if you’re in a hotel in Panajachel you could go and hang out and then walk around, enjoy Pana and then maybe take a colectivo, a public boat to another little village to go and check out the other villages that are there. The most popular villages in Lake Atitlan to check out would be San Marcos, and San Pedro, Santiago and Santa Cruz

A lot of people, really love to do is rent a private boat and go and check out multiple different villages. And you could have breakfast in one village, lunch in another village, or do a mini hike in another village so that you have this whole different experience.

street on a village lake atitlan

Search for Maximon (Mayan deity)

Santiago is the largest town there, and they’re also well known to have Maximon, which is this religious figure. It is a fascinating figure, but he does move around. So make sure that you ask exactly where to find him when you are there. And this way you can participate.

Not really participate, be more like a spectator in one of their rituals and they are open to the public. So it’s actually a really cool experience. So when you arrive there, I would really find out where Maximon is, and especially because you do have two days, you could easily go and check him out. The whole thing, it’s crazy.

view of volcano lake atitlan guatemala

Try other Activities

If you have that time, and then you have another full day, you could either do one of their activities, you can go kayaking, you could hike a volcano.

Around 4 or 05:00 p.m that’s when the waters of Lake Atitlan start to get pretty violent. So you want to be in either your hotel already or if you are coming from someplace and going back to Pana so that you could go and enjoy the town and go out to eat.

Those are the main things. In 48 hours, that is more than enough time for you to truly enjoy yourself and to really get a good feel for Lake Atitlan.

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