48 Hours in Arenal, La Fortuna: Things to Do and Places to Visit


View of the clouds touching the top of Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

We’re going to be focusing on an excellent 48 hours itinerary in Arenal-La Fortuna to be able to really enjoy yourself and still relax and not be overwhelmed with the activities. Today we’re going to be talking about 48 hours in La Fortuna/Arenal area in Costa Rica.

Visit Arenal and the Hot Springs

The number one thing I really recommend you do is the volcano and even though it’s not active, what it is really well known for are the thermal hot springs that are all around it. There are a lot of hotels that have natural thermal hot springs.

I really recommend staying in one of those hotels, like The Spring Resort, because this way you can go into a full day of activities, and then you have the hot springs in your hotel, so you are able to enjoy them, and they’re already included in your stay. Otherwise, you have to pay extra for them if you go on your own.

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hot spring the spring resort arenal costa rica

Outdoor Activities in Arenal

The top things to do in Costa Rica can be in La Fortuna, Arenal,  the canopy tour, hanging bridges, hiking, rafting, and canyoneering.

Canopy Tours

Because of that, the adventure tours are structured like that. There is one tour that will take you to canopy hanging bridges and a gondola which will take you all above the rainforest. That is something that takes about half a day and it’s super cool.

You get hiking in there because the hanging bridges are part of the trails. You get an incredible canopy, and you also get a skytrek, like a gondola overlooking the rainforest. This is a half a day tour, so if you are up for it, you could definitely do another tour in the afternoon.

hanging bridge in arenal la fortuna

Canyoneering and Rafting

The following day there are combo tours where you could do canyoneering which is rapping off of waterfalls, having lunch, and then doing the tubing and rafting after. That is definitely one of the most popular things to do by far. Then again in the afternoon, evening after that you get to do your hot springs.

Check out La Fortuna Town

But I recommend you go and actually check out the town of La Fortuna and just check it out, walk around, maybe have dinner there and then head back to your hotel and enjoy the hot springs for the rest of the evening.

This is an excellent 48 hours of really enjoying everything that you could possibly do here. There’s obviously a lot more to do, but this really captures the essence of the activities and also the whole place, plus relaxing in the hot springs.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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