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4 Ways to Live Well While Adventuring

When you have a passion for the outdoors, it can be easy to pack up your camping gear and vanish into nature without any real regard for reality. This can be great for the soul, but it can also lead us to forget and neglect other important habits that we may be leaving at home. Living well all year round is important for long-term health, and adventure trips are no different. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking, hunting or even living on the road in your old RV, here are ways to Live Well While Adventuring.

Live Well While Adventuring

Food is Fuel

A balanced, nutritious diet is a key pillar in good health and longevity. Our fruit and veg are often elements that get forgotten when we’re on a camping trip or out fishing. Opting for pre-packaged foods is the easy route and while this is okay sometimes, it’s not a good long-term solution for avid adventurers who are out in the woods regularly. Investing in a means by which to cook and eat proper, nutritious meals is important. If you’re not into cooking over the open fire, investing in a good power source like an Inergy APEX solar generator can fuel your cooking equipment as well as other important devices – like your phone charger or a heater for cold nights. 


In the same vein as nutrition, your hydration is another important factor that could easily be neglected. Believe it or not, your water intake is even more important when you’re adventuring, since you’re likely spending more time in the sun or even being more active than usual. A good quality insulated water bottle is great to keep on hand, and if you’re going to be out for longer than a day and moving around a lot, a personal water filtration system is a great investment, to get clean, drinkable water from whatever source you can find. 


Some adventuring is active by nature. Activities like hiking will have you moving your body and getting a sweat on. However, more passive activities like fishing might see you spending long hours in the sun, planted firmly on the ground with a beer in your hand. This is a great way to relax and there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little downtime, but it’s also important to keep moving and take care of your body while you’re in vacation mode. Heading out for a walk in the woods or down by the water is a great way to get up and keep the blood flowing through your limbs when you’ve been sitting for a long while.

Embrace It

The way we live in 2021 is fast-paced and technology-driven. We all tend to get stuck in our phones and computers and spend hours upon hours indoors trapped behind a screen, for work, school or entertainment purposes. If you’re heading out into nature, make the most of the time and experience by leaving your phone in your pocket. Soak up the vitamin D and take advantage of some time away from technology. Your brain will thank you for it!

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