4 Tips for Keeping your Money while Outside

Carrying money outside has become an extreme activity with the amount of pick pocketing happening these days. You may think that’s probably an exaggeration, but isn’t the instance of getting your hard-earned money stolen by someone else annoying? It can be, especially when the money you may have been saving for something else was taken instantly, or maybe you’re just a careless person like a lot of other people, and you probably lose money because you forgot after putting it somewhere. Keeping your money carefully in a place somewhere safe is important and to give help, here are 4 tips for keeping your money while outside. 

Money while Outside

Losing money in these situations happens to more people than you may imagine. Whether your money gets stolen or misplaced, the loss is always the same.

  1. Get an Anti-theft Bag

The purchase of an anti-theft bag will help you out a lot. Not only can you keep your valuables safe in it, but also money storage won’t be a problem anymore. An anti-theft bag is a really good way to keep your money away from the eyes of pick-pocketers and also make sure they don’t get stolen. With its qualities including cut resistance, steel-cable reinforced straps, and zippers that can be locked, anti-theft bags are the best option, especially if you’re traveling. There would also be a lesser chance of you forgetting a whole bag somewhere, and even if you do, you might be able to go back and get it, without the bag being damaged.

  1. Use On-body Storage 

On-body storage is highly preferred if you want to keep your money from being stolen. These include a number of different options including visible and hidden wallet spaces. Some on-body storage options are:

  • Security Belts

A security belt is a good idea to keep your money safe. Security belts have a unique design with a hidden wallet inside of them. No person in the right mind would try to check your belt for money. Having some extra bucks in this wallet will always come in handy if something does happen.

  • Hidden Pockets 

Having a pocket hidden in your clothes is a nightmare for thieves and pickpockets. Sewing a couple of hidden pockets in your pants, coat or trousers is an amazing way to keep your cash hidden, and until and unless someone pats you down, these pockets can’t be discovered. Splitting your cash among all these pockets is an even better way to save your money because if one source does get exploited, you won’t lose all your money from a single pocket.

  • Undercover Leg Wallet

Keeping an undercover wallet is another great solution to conceal your money. An undercover leg wallet is by far one of the best methods to saving your money, especially if you have a lot of cash on you. Even if you’re patted down, there’s still a 50% chance the undercover leg wallet is gonna get detected, making this a discretion at its finest. 

  1. Buy a Travel Wallet

Wallets are a great accessory. Although its main purpose is to carry your money after you buy it, your wallet can also carry tons of other cards and things. Your wallet may include certain membership cards, your credit cards, and most importantly, your identity card. Buying a wallet specifically designed to safeguard your money would be a good step to securing your money. Sliding the cards in your ordinary wallet stretches its pockets and they’re likely to slip out. The solution to this is getting a safer wallet, or usually referred to as travel wallets, which are designed for high security. Traveling wallets provide a firm grip and will keep both your cash and cards safe.

  1. Keep a Dummy Wallet

Keeping a dummy wallet is a pretty sneaky trick and is actually very effective. A dummy wallet not only buys you time in case of an attempted mugging but also warns you because realizing the wallet is missing automatically means somebody tried to pickpocket you. After all, it’s not so bad to scam the scammer once in a while. 

Money while Outside

Stash the trick with a small amount of cash and a couple of fake cards to make the wallet look real and legit. The trick of keeping a dummy wallet works like a charm and even if you do lose this, you won’t be that disappointed because that was the whole reason for keeping it.

The world isn’t as safe as it used to before, as there are pickpockets or muggers at every turn and you need to make sure you take all the necessary steps for your safety. Even so, losing your cash may not be a common occurrence you never know when it might happen. You need to be prepared for everything. Keeping your cash safe when you’re outside is a major concern for almost everybody. Following these simple tips is an amazing way to make sure your money stays as safe as possible.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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