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4 Tips for Travel Planning

The planning process is the most important part of a trip. If you are an experienced traveler you already know that things never go 100% according to plans. But plans can also decide whether your trip is a success or a bad experience. There are a few travel tips I can give you to make the most of your money and to have a more enjoyable vacation through planning.

4 Tips for Planning a Vacation:

Airport - Roatan Honduras

1. What is it that you want? How much do you want to spend?
These are the early stages where you just decided that you want to travel but don’t know where. This is the best time to figure out your budget, the amount of time you have and the dates. Are you in the mood for a beach or forest? Tropical or cold weather? Adventure or relax? Etc.

2. Deciding on a Destination
Once you know what you want to do you and have parameters use them to start looking for countries that offer the things that you want. For this part I rely heavily on the internet. Read a lot about the countries you might want to visit, learn about food, culture, attractions, until you choose one.

3. When to Start Planning
Start at least 3 months before the date you set as the departure date. This way you can get your reservations ready, find a cheap flight to help you save, and figure out your itinerary as well as your transportation.

4. Confirm all your Reservations
About a week before departure contact everyone you did reservations with to make sure everything is in order. This gives you higher chance of your vacation being perfect.

Bonus: Create a Packing list and don’t leave it for the last minute.

Follow these and your vacation is guaranteed to be a lot smoother.

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