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4 Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding On a Budget

Planning a destination wedding can be an exciting project for a couple to take on together.Getting married is exciting enough as it is, and when you throw in the excitement of being able to do it in a new place, the adventure starts to take on a whole new form.Four tips on how to reduce expenses while planning a destination wedding.Take a look at this tips for list of planning a destination wedding.

budget destination wedding

Unfortunately, destination weddings can tend to be a lot more pricey than doing a wedding at home.  This is for a variety of reasons and as a result, can often dissuade a bride and groom from choosing a destination wedding.  However, being on a budget doesn’t have to stop you from having the wedding of your dreams.  Here are some of the best ways to go about having a destination wedding even on a small budget.

Keep Your Guest list Modest

It’s important to keep your guest list as small as possible when you’re only working with a certain amount of money.  The bigger your guest count is the bigger everything has to be.  Having a large number of guests to accommodate means having to rent a location which will most likely be a pretty penny.

By keeping your guest count down to a modest number you will keep your options open for smaller venues and have to worry about a lot less overall.   Not to mention when it comes to planning a destination wedding it’s a lot to ask attendees to purchase a plane ticket in order to join you.  In reality, not a huge amount of people back home are going to be able to attend because of their own budget restrictions.

Plan a Destination Wedding

Use The Talent Of People In Your Network

One way to be able to cut cost for your wedding is to ask for the help of your friends and family. If you have a chef in the family, why not ask them to cater your wedding as a gift?

The same goes for musicians in your network.   Asking for their talents rather than a gift is a smart and effective way to not have to pay for something like this.  Otherwise, these things would normally be a pretty big expense in the total bill.

Make sure to also check Groomsmen Gifts Mart to know how much does it cost to have a wedding planner. You’ll be surprised how budget friendly they can be.

Skip The Flowers

Although flowers are beautiful and add dreamy glamour to your wedding, they are extremely expensive and don’t last very long.   Rather than spending hundreds to thousands on something which will eventually wilt, why not put that money towards something else for your future together as a couple.   Instead, opt for alternative decorations.   You may even want to consider greenery instead which is a lot cheaper and could even be done yourself.

Buy Used

Rather than potentially throwing down tens of thousands on a new dress and tuxedo, why not consider buying used?  Just because something was worn once doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful.

By doing this you’re not only saving yourself big bucks, but you’re also being less wasteful for the environment.

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