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4 Things You Need To Do When Injured On Vacation

There is almost nothing better in the world than traveling – going on a new adventure, exploring unknown places, and seeing what else there is in the great big world to discover. But, it can come as a horrible shock if you become injured while you’re on vacation. Who do you contact? What do you do? Who do you call? This article aims to share 4 things you need to know if this has happened to you or a loved one.

Injured On Vacation
  1. Do not hesitate to call a lawyer

After having accidents whilst on holiday, you are likely a bit scared and feeling vulnerable. But, you do not need to avoid contacting a legal expert to help you through this process. Keep in mind that this lawyer should reside close to the area in which you live, as the claim procedure could take months or even years to resolve. So if you are in Atlanta hire a reputed Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer. And while it is easy to say that everything should get a lawyer, you may be concerned about the financial costs of their services…

Because of the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy that is in place in many of the top firms, specialists at Foyle Legal advise that you do not need to worry about financial risks right now. This setup means that legal costs shouldn’t be of concern unless you win and receive compensation. Though each lawyer will work a bit differently, the financial compensation will cover most – if not, all – of your legal fees. Call an expert familiar with personal injury cases and book an obligation-free session as soon as possible!

  1. Begin the legal process

This may sound like an extreme option, but the sooner, the better! For various reasons, you may want to delay the personal injury claim process, however, if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, there is no need to waste precious time to get your case started. After you’ve contacted a lawyer to open a formal case, you will feel much more at ease about your journey forward and having your recovery remain in qualified hands.

  1. Keep an accurate record of your injuries and costs involved

From the time that you are seen by a healthcare professional for the first time – for example, by an emergency hospital admission – you will start receiving bills, doctor’s notes, and medical evidence. Maintain all injury-related documents, even if you don’t think they are necessary.

Most people are shocked to find out just how poor memory can be after you have experienced an accident. Therefore, keeping a very accurate record of any evidence that you can use to support your claim also includes photos of your injury, as well as written details of the incident itself and the consequences you have suffered.

Some of the most common injuries which occur in Australia are unintentional falls and transport crashes, and these can end up being very costly. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that the financial implications of your injury will not only be direct. Therefore, the inability to work to your full capacity, money spent on personal healthcare, additional childcare costs, and medication expenses are just some of the financial challenges that will be relieved through personal injury compensation. Though it may feel unnecessary to claim for your injury, if it wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be fully responsible to pay the financial damages.

Injured On Vacation
  1. Get advice on your insurers

After you have sought legal support, you can be better informed on what you should and shouldn’t say in your case. Of course, you shouldn’t lie, but it is not uncommon for insurance companies to find inconspicuous ways of not having to take the responsibility of furthering your claim.

Your lawyer will be well familiar with the conditions under which your insurers will not pay towards your claim, so you must stay in close contact with your lawyer throughout the claim procedures. It is also possible for your legal counsel to maintain a direct relationship with your insurers.

If your lawyer manages your insurer inquiries and becomes the conduit during this negotiation, you will be in the best position imaginable to win your case. This is especially true if your personal injury lawyer works on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, as they will be highly incentivized to win your case, as well as to get the most out of your financial compensation. 

It is never a good thing to have your vacation interrupted by the shock of an accident or injury. But, if you have the assistance of a skilled professional who can relieve you of the administrative stress of a legal battle, you stand in a much better position to win your case and to recover as quickly as possible. Though money is significant stress, it is important that you focus primarily on your recovery and getting healthy again.  

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