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4 Things To Include In Your Melbourne CBD Adventure

Are you planning a trip to Melbourne’s central business district (CBD)? Did you just settle in Melbourne, and you’re looking for ways to engage yourself over the weekend? Well, there’s so much to do and see in Melbourne, including its CBD. This article will highlight some of the things you should try out in your Melbourne CBD Adventure. Read on for this insight.Consider the following.

Melbourne CBD Adventure
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  1. Hot Air Balloons

Hot balloons are a simple but enjoyable adventure to take on in Melbourne CBD. 

With a hot air balloon, you achieve high heights, which will enable you to tower over the city of Melbourne, Australia. The best time to plan for this ride is early in the morning before sunrise or in the evening before sunset. From the high height, you’ll get the best view of the sun and the city.

To add to the adventure, you’re in a position to explore more with the hot air balloon. You might have purposed to just view the CBD from the top, but the wind might decide otherwise and add to your tour. With this, you’ll get to view other scenery close to the CBD, adding to the fun of your adventure. 

One thing to note before taking a hot air balloon trip is that there’s a high possibility of you standing the whole period. Therefore, come psychologically prepared; but worry not, you’ll be too mesmerized with the beautiful views to notice that you’ve been standing the entire time.

  1. Visit Famous Eateries

There’s no better way to add to your adventure than trying the different cuisines of Melbourne. Various eateries offer exquisite delicacies; you’ll get to enjoy Melbourne CBD’s best breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In Melbourne, you’ll find some hotels focusing on only one meal, for example, breakfast or dinner. With such a system, the restaurants specialize in what they do the best, ensuring you experience the best dishes.

To make this process easier, research the foods Melbourne is best known for and plan to taste each of those. Besides restaurants, you can also enjoy food along streets, such as Shanghai, which are filled with a variety of Melbourne foods.

Underground bars are also available in Melbourne. These bars are known to open at all hours of the day and have the best collections of wineries. Make sure to visit one and have a taste of this experience.

  1. Rap Jumping

If you love doing activities that give you an adrenaline rush, you should include rap jumping in your Melbourne visit

With rap jumping, also known as abseiling, you get to drop from tall buildings in the CBD. If you’re worried about safety, you need to drop your worries. A guide will be on standby with a brake system, should you take a wrong descent, that could injure you. Also, before starting the fall, the guide will train you on how to take the fall, including how to control your speed. Safety gear will also be provided. 

Therefore, there’s no excuse not to try this out in your Melbourne adventure. Melbourne has many rap diving areas, whose choice depends on the company you decide to go with for this experience. 

  1. Go-Karting
Melbourne CBD Adventure
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Away from all the thrill and adrenaline adventures, go-karting should be your choice if you’re looking for a family-friendly activity.

Go-karting allows you to have a driving competition in a friendly environment. It’s good to note that your small children can also enjoy the kart. In most go-karting zones in Melbourne, children above 10 years can drive their own go-karts. For those below 10, you can accompany them for the drive as an adult. There are double-seated go-karts that’ll enable this.

Also, with go-karting, you can enjoy it in all weather. If you’re visiting Melbourne in the winter, you don’t have to spend all your days indoors with no activity to do. In Melbourne, there’s both indoor and outdoor go-karting. Therefore, seek an indoor go-karting arena, such as Auscarts, for the rainy and extra cold days. Although, not in the CBD, it’s five minutes from the CBD; it’ll be worth the drive.


As seen, there are many ways to enjoy your visit to Melbourne CBD. The above are but a few activities you can enjoy; the list is endless. Whatever your need or adventure drug, you’re likely to find it in Melbourne CBD. 

To ensure you enjoy Melbourne, a tip to take home is to plan your itinerary beforehand. This prevents you from making last-minute decisions; here, you won’t get to enjoy much, and you’ll have limited time. If possible, do your research and write a list of all the adventures you want to undertake in Melbourne CBD. With this, all you’ll be doing is ticking a checklist, ensuring you enjoy the most and best.

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