Top 4 Things to Do in Copan, Honduras

Before heading on a trip to a new location, I pride myself on doing a ton of research to know all that there is to do so that we get the MOST of our experience! And when traveling with kids, this makes it a challenge since they like to do other things than just chill out on a hammock or drink a beer overlooking the town. They get restless within minutes and I need to have a good idea of what to do to keep them stimulated.

Aside from the typical stuff for us to do like horseback riding and canopy tours, stuff that we have done to the hilt and personally, even my seven-year-old is over it for the time being. This is what I discovered to do and is one of the most incredible stuff to do in Honduras

4 Cool things to do in Copan Honduras with your family

1. Copan Mayan Ruins

This is a no brainer since there is little reason to come to this place. My recommendation definitely gets the full package of ruins entrance, tunnels, and museum. That way when you are done with looking at the structures and reading about them you can head back to the visitor’s center and learn even more about the importance of this place in the museum.

One of the main things that you will learn about Copan Mayan Ruins is its importance for understanding the Mayan culture. Plus, it is a great place where kids can run around and burn energy.

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mayan ruins copan honduras

2. Macaw Mountain

This is an excellent half-day trip to the Macaw rescue center. It has a lot more than just Macaws, such as parrots, owls, toucans, and more. But the best thing is that you not only get to see them, but you also get the interactive area where you can sit a gorgeous red or blue macaw on your arm.

We all had a lot of fun while learning about birds and knowing that the money spent there goes to their preservation.

 macaw rescue center in copan honduras

3. Copan Ruins Town

The town near the ruins and where most of the hotels are is called Copan Ruinas town. It is a tiny, colorful town that can be walked from one end to the other in less than 15 minutes. The only reason your kids can get tired is because of the insane heat! But you can always relax for a while in Central Park.

To be honest there isn’t a lot to be done here aside from walking and having traditional for at one of its small eateries.

Top 4 Things to Do in Copan, Honduras - copan ruinas town

4. Los Sapos Ruins

This isn’t a full-on ruin, but more of a cool and easy hiking trail. The ruin is located on the property of Hacienda Lucas, which just happened to be the hotel we chose to stay at. But if you’re not staying here, just the visit to this hotel and ruin is awesome!

You won’t see a lot of large structures but you see some smaller buildings and statues.

los sapos in copan honduras

These activities will keep you busy for two full days, which in my opinion is sufficient for this area. Do you know of anything else that you can do with kids in the area?

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Top 4 Things to Do in Copan, Honduras

Last Updated on August 13, 2023

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