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4 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a place that attracts tons of travelers every year mainly because of the gorgeous architecture, history, canals, and great shopping. There are tons of things to do in Amsterdam, that can keep you busy for a lot of time. Continue reading to find four of the best.Four of the best things that you can do while traveling in Amsterdam.In this article you will find a list of things to Do in Amsterdam.

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A list of the Top 4 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Things to Do in Amsterdam

1. Canal Tour – This is something that no one can miss. They were declared UNESCO monuments in 2010 because of their beauty and historic importance. Today, they offer a fun option for exploring the city and looking at its beautiful buildings. Click here if you would like to see prices for the Amsterdam canal cruise.

2. Muesums – There are tons of art museums in Amsterdam showcasing the work of artists like Rembrandt. One of its top museums is Rijksmuseum, with thousands of invaluable masterworks across the scope of Dutch art history. There is also the Van Gogh Museum as a tribute to the post-impressionist painter.

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3. World War II Sites – The horrors of World War II reached the Netherlands. That is why there are some memorials in honor of everyone who died during that time. There are three spectacular museums are devoted in whole or in part to this period, the most popular of those three has to be the Anne Frank House. The other two are the Verzetsmuseum, voted the best historical museum in the Netherlands, and the Jewish Historical Museum.

4. Traditional Dutch Cuisine – Visiting a few restaurants that offer traditional dishes like erwtensoep (split pea soup) stamppot boerenkool and mashed potatoes streaked with curly kale.

As you can see, Amsterdam is a place where you can’t get bored. With all the above-mentioned activities, shopping centers, and botanical gardens, you will fall in love with it.

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One thought on “4 Things to Do in Amsterdam”

  1. Simple, yet so much fun. I have a small layover here this September, it would be a shame to miss the canals. Thanks for the tips/schedule.

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